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September 16, 2011



I have the opposite problem with jeans. I'm not quite 5ft tall and have baby feet, so most jeans are at least 6 inches too long. I've had good luck at Ann Taylor - they come in different lengths - short (me), regular (who on earth is regular?) and tall (you)
Today I found some awesome jeans at White House Black Marketm but they were ridiculously expensive, and without a phenomenal coupon, I would never have purchased them. Even if they did make me look 10 years younger and 20 pounds lighter.


I have had good success with Lands' End jeans, but the problem is no trying on. You just....order, and hope.


Good luck. I deal mostly with muffin top and falling-down, because camel toe makes me shudder and I cannot go back to early-nineties Mom jeans.

I heard years ago that the lower-rise Lands End jeans did fit well, but I've never tried.


I need petite curvy - so, yeah, not your scenario at all ... but, the 3 pairs of jeans I have had for 3+ years and still love are: Eddie Bauer, Lands End (they are "trouser" style - so, kinda dressy) and Old Navy. I used to have a pair of J Jill ones that I loved - but their stuff changed when they were bought by Talbots. Go for the Eddie Bauer ones - you can return to a store if they don't work out. And Lands End you can return to Sears ...


I know it sounds weird, but I actually found a great pair of Calvin Klein jeans at Costco last year, and I think my Costco still has them. They are boot/flare cut because I am not fashion forward either. I need petites, but they had those, so I would assume they also talls.

I have never bought Lands End jeans before, but have heard good things and you might be able to try some on if you have a Lands End in your Sears store.


A way around the limited styles available at the stores as trends change is to check out the consignment shops, thrift stores, and even Ebay! You can find the older styles that may be the perfect fit for you. And, so many jeans get more comfortable the more they have been washed/worn, so I have no problem buying slightly used. Especially if you are lucky enough to find that $200 pair for under $50!


Do you have a good consignment or thrift store around? I have found that through all my size changes around pregnancy ff., trying on a ton of used stuff is a good way to check out multiple brands/fits without all the intense legwork of trekking from one store to the next. Not a guarantee you'll find something that works, of course, but maybe an opportunity for serendipity to strike?

(Oop, now I see Sarah just said the same thing. Good point about more variety of styles, esp. in this awful day of skinny jeans.)


I am also tall with big feet (6') but I LOVE my skinny jeans with my tall boots. I've been jean shopping lately too, and I have good luck with Lands End jeans. I buy the size 12, classic, long length and I never have a muffin top. You can try on a bunch at Sears and find the best one for you. I also LOVE LL Bean jeans (again, the classic fit). They have free shipping all the time so you can try on a bunch without paying all those fees. Unless you have a store near you, then it's totally worth the drive.

Good luck and let me know if you find something amazing. I'm always on the look out for good jeans.


I'm just going to second the thrift stores comment. We have Buffalo Exchange by us and that's where I buy my jeans. Sure, they've been worn before, but that means washed and shrunk. So you know when they fit, they WILL fit once you get home. Plus, you can find those $200 Macy jeans for as little as $20 there... Good luck!

Amy F

I just bought a pair of Eddie Bauer jeans -- Curvy Slim, I think. I must have had all the jeans-buying luck because I was in and out of the mall in 20 min (needed to get home for a call from the mortgage guy). I had no idea what size I would be since I've never weighed this much not-pregnant. Even more than last winter. I'd rather you have the jeans luck and I have your weight loss sticktuitiveness. Eddie Bauer just had an everything-25%-off-and-free-shipping sale and seems to offer variations on that constantly, so if you're williing to be on a mailing list, you should be able to get a deal.

Jen W

A couple suggestions... Not Your Daughters Jeans - I got mine at Marshalls (like a TJ Max) and Nordstrom Rack. They are not super low cut, have a little stretch, and are not mom jeans. They can run between $60-100. Also, I have heard great things about Miss Me Jeans. I want to buy a pair once I lose 10 lb. They are about $100 I think, and usually sold at boutiques. Another option is to look at consignment shops or goodwill. WE have a consignment shop in town that only has good stuff (name brand, good shape etc). If you have good luck and find something your size it can be a great price for name brand. Also, we have 2 really good Goodwill's near me. They have all brands, good stuff BUT there are racks and racks of jeans and you have to have lots of time to look through them all since I don't think they are organized by size. I would go there when I need jeans, but plan to spend a couple hrs searching and trying on. Not everyone is up for wearing used clothes though... I wash it immediately and am fine with it, but it's not for everyone. Good luck! I hate jean shopping. I'm about 5'4 so length is usually good but sizing is so different everywhere and my big problem is that they fit in the store, then I wear them a few times and they get all stretchy and I am tugging them up all the time until I wash them again. then they are tight for a while... ugh!!

Becki K

I've been following your blog for years, since before E and L were born, but have never commented but I felt compelled to because I completely empathize with your jeans dilemma! I second the Not Your Daughter's Jeans suggestion. They are a little expensive but definately worth it. I am 5'10" also, a little bigger than you are, but they are my go to pair of jeans right now. They fit perfectly. They have a little bit of give to them (I think there's spandex or something in the material) but you get used to it, and they are high waisted enough to cover the muffin, but not so high waisted that they look silly.


Putting in another plug for LL Bean. Order their longs online, they have a free-return policy.


At 5'11 (size 12 feet!) with a 'straight torso to waist' instead of the curved form, I cannot fit into either LLBean or Eddie Bauer since their waists cut in too much. Not Your Daughters Jeans fit my tall body and wear well. I have pairs that are three years old that are still in very good shape. Quite a few places have them at sale rates.

The other jeans that fit a tall body really well are from Ralph Lauren. On clearance I often get them for $30. (Either online or in Macy's). I have found RL runs a bit large and I sometimes need a smaller size than in other brands.


I'm 6' 150 and hv had good luck at an online store, Alloy. They have 35" and 37" inseams in MANY sizes and styles. I'm not a trendy girl and do not like my jeans bedazzled which they hv lots of but there are some cute plain-ish options. Super reasonable too. Can always find online coupons too!


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