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September 15, 2011



I LOVE my Banana Republic jeans. They come really long too. I got mine at a BR outlet for $20. I probably would never pay the full store price but the outlets are great if you have one near you.

Good luck!


I feel weird saying this to someone on the computer....but oh how I love your and "a" humor ;) your posts always.make.me think...laugh...and know.I'm not in this parenting world alone....

No help with jeans though....sorry ;(


And your last paragraph is part of why I read your blog :-D. (Note to self: share about small cutting board with K. He will laugh.) That and the fact that you inspire me to want to get healthier. And other things.

We are in the process of hiring someone to fix some logs and paint our house (log home. a few logs need repair or something like that.). We're on our third person and finally found someone that we WANT to do the job - but are waiting on the final quote. The probable quote is quite a lot but decent and we're just hoping that he doesn't realize that we need to throw in our firstborn as well. Then we get to buy a new garage door too. Who needs savings?


For jeans I truly love the Gap. Long and Lean. I'm not sure how their longs run because because I need to buy ankle length and then trip over them anyway.
If you have the time and inclination, I have gotten my last 3 pairs of Gap jeans at Goodwill for less than $7 each. And a pair of American Eagles too


For years and years, I went to the Gap and bought the bootcuts and felt very stylish. Then I noticed they renamed my favorite jeans "classic." And last year I think they changed the name again to "frumpy mom jeans." So I got talked into buying the straight leg kind, and they look awful. So my question is, do I join the trend and get skinny jeans (scary! what shoes do you wear with those things?) or do I go back to my old standbys and live with being completely out of style? What do you plan to do? And what about you, other 30-something moms who don't want to look like old frumps?

P.S. Beans and rice are delicious!
P.P.S. I don't get the cutting board joke.


LL Bean flannel-lined jeans. They. Are. Awesome.


"...small cutting board" hahahaha

I'm looking at my tuition bill and thinking that rice & beans make a whole lot of sense right now.


A couple of weeks ago I got a pair of Old Navy jeans during their back-to-school sale. It fits me perfectly. I am 5'8 and I think we have a similar body shape. The pair I got was The Flint Boot Cut Mid-rise.

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