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September 07, 2011


Brigid Keely

Milk tastes terrible, chocolate milk was the only milk I drank as a kid, and now I get my calcium from other sources because WHOOOOOPS I'm lactose intolerant.

Also: being fat is not the end of the world. Malnutrition, which for reals affects a LOT of disadvantaged kids in the USA (including those who rely on chocolate-milk-having school lunches for the bulk of their nutrition/caloric input) is a very real concern and one which directly leads to WAY more health problems than fatness alone.


Clowns are the cause of all evil. Clowns and jelly. Duh.

Courtney in Crete

I think 2007 was the year of boys. Seriously. My son was born that year, the same year most of my friends delivered boys, and my 4 year old son's preschool class is made up of 8 boys and 2 girls.

I'm laughing at your rant against the anti-chocolate milk crowd. This summer my dad COULD NOT BELIEVE that I'd never given my son chocolate milk and went out and bought a Costco sized container of Ghiradelli powdered chocolate. Note: we only got Nestle Quik growing up. My son hated it but my mom reports my dad is happily drinking his chocolate milk every day!


I had the same sort of preschool experience this year: I felt way, way, way happier dropping off Henry with the teacher who taught Rob and William, and who hugged me and said "Oh, I've got your LAST ONE!!" and so forth.

And I totally agree about chocolate milk. Chocolate milk does not make me upset. Our pediatrician specifically recommended it for one of my kids who wouldn't drink milk. It reminds me of other things that have a lot of nutrition with a little bit of make-the-medicine-go-down: chicken breast with a little sauce, vegetables with a little butter and salt, tuna with some mayo in it, whole-wheat flax-seed pumpkin muffins with chocolate chips. I don't just not-disapprove, I APPROVE.


I boggle my head at my son who REFUSES to drink chocolate milk. I just drank chocolate milk with my own breakfast!


Oh, this was our school's big debate last year when the Canadian Ministry passed new guidelines about acceptable food that could be sold or used for fundraiser's. Chocolate milk was of course very controversial because people feel SO strongly about it. I used to let the boys drink chocolate milk with their lunch because I did as a kid, and I don't have diabetes, nor am struggling with obesity. But, I did learn that chocolate milk now (most of it) contains HFCS - some as it's SECOND ingredient. Also, 28 grams of sugar in one carton which is equal to seven teaspoons (!!!!!). Which is also equal to the amount of sugar in an Aero chocolate bar or a Dairy Milk.
Teachers also reported that kids in older grades would drink 2 chocolate milks for lunch which is equal to 56g of sugar.
I stopped sending money for the boys to buy it because I just figured why am I spending $30 a month for this when they drink white milk at home just fine. I guess now I categorize chocolate milk in the same category as ice cream. A treat, with some nutritional value. As for banning it in schools - I understand that the school boards are looking at the population on average and many, many kids are at risk for obesity and diabetes. So, I get it, although, if you want to send it for *your* child from home who is NOT at risk for these ailments, I say that should be allowed as well.


Dude, chocolate milk rocks. I even (gasp!) let my 7 yr old son have a (oh no you didn't!) Sprite sometimes. I think there are bigger issues and problems to debate than chocolate milk.


To me it's about calibrating kids' palates to "sweet". Choc milk doesn't go that well flavor-wise with a lot of lunch foods and can make them seem less appetizing because nothing else is that dessert-y, outside of actual desserts. Turkey sandwich + choc milk, kiwi + choc milk, carrots + choc milk -- none of those combinations sound good to me. Kids drink the chocolate milk and then they're less interested in their other food items just because of the clashing flavor issue. And, compounding the problem, I think in a lot of schools you only get one beverage. If you pick choc milk that's the only thing you have to drink, when water might be what your body needs more, and might help you eat your lunch better.

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