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September 14, 2011


Flyover Belle

That's impressively awesome about your running times - dropping a minute, on average, is fantastic! I saw your tweet re pouches for phone / keys - will you share if you find one that works? All the ones I've tried have ridden up and / or bounced so much they drove me nuts.

Liz S

I started carpooling this year because a friend of mine's daughter transferred to the high school. I've always been a bit funny about carpools- its my control thing.

About a week later we had another girl who lives in the area who asked to join- OK, that got a bit confusing. then yesterday when I went to pick up a third girl jumped in the car. I said who is this. They all said the new person in the carpool, didn't you hear about her? UM no and we don't really need any other drivers. but whatever- its kind of fun

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