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August 24, 2011



So insightful. I love that you seem to be thinking ahead a lot, planning for when they're adults. This is one of the (many!) things I really admire about you. I have felt this way when you've described giving your girls allowance for ex., and teaching them to shop and save. I am unsure if I'm preparing for my kids' adult lives as deliberately as you are.

I worry about the tumultuous years because my mom had a difficult time with my sister but I do just pray that our good foundations while they're young (and prayer/biting tongues!) will carry us through to the good part, the adult friendship part.


Love this. I need to be reminded to let go - I tend to hang on to responsibility that's not really mine anymore (see: mismatched clothing). I have a good relationship with my mom and hope that my daughters and I will have a relationship even stronger than that. Thanks for making me think today!


"A loving adult friendship is my ultimate goal" - that's just perfect. I'm aiming for that as well. Is this something that our society is heading towards as having children becomes much more of a choice? I know this is not something that ever occurred to my mother, or to her mother - but I have no idea if it is a personality thing, or a generational thing.

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