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August 23, 2011



I love this. I can so relate. I have read your blog forever, but never post. My kids are the same age, and I just turned 35... it's weird, but in a good way. Congratulations on all the positive happenings...


I can relate a lot to your post. I am also 34 and will be 35 before I know it. My kids (8 and 10) are getting older and I find our relationship is different as they become more mature and independant. I am liking myself more and more as I get older and more confident. I have started doing things just for me. I am on WW and getting to a point where I am excited to exercise and enjoy this feeling of being more fit and healthy. See, you do inspire us. I am running a half marathon in November. I am a med surge nurse (dayshift) and I enjoy my job. Due to Magnet status and the demand to have a BSN (I have an ASN and BA) I am currently working on my MSN. It is not something I am happy about. I like my job and am good at it, but have always dreamed of caring for new moms or babies. I have an interview for the NICU tomorrow, nightshift. The younger me would have NEVER even attempted this. My floor is changing and becoming an ACE unit. I really do not want to always care for geriatric patients. I'm not a fan of change and I like to stay in my comfort zone. It is not the most convenient timing, or convenient schedule to move to the NICU. I am comfortable with my schedule, my job, and I adore my coworkers. This is an abrupt change in career, schedule, and environment. I keep feeling like I should go for it. Not sure what the point of me saying all of this, just that I really do relate. I hope you continue to be happy. It's a very cool feeling, this "on the verge of something" feeling.

Sarah in Ottawa

I will be 34 in October, but I'm still in the thick of parenting littles - Teddy is 2.5 and Veronica is 1 (today!!). I cannot imagine what it'll be like to get regular sleep again. But posts like this (and one that Moxie recently wrote) give me hope.


I can relate too. I turned 35 this year and was looking to go back to school until Joe got sick. Now I just need to work on the weight lose part.

Liz S

My daughter started college on Monday- talk about freedom and lack of control- whew!!!! But its good and I am ready for her to get an apt. with her friends when that happens.

I had to go to the school to get my son's schedule changed and as I walked down the hall, three kids yelled, "Hi Kate's mom" so even though she has moved on, I'm still her mom to her friends. ; }

And my baby turns 7 today. I still remember going through secondary infertility at the same time you were doing fertility treatment. And ditto what you said (excpet I am 42 so its really mid-life time for me)


Hmmm...I wonder how many of your readers are in the 34-35 age range...because I'm in there too!

This sounds more like a Pre-Midlife Epiphany than Crisis :)


I agree with the others. It sounds more like a reawakening than a crisis.


I'm SO there and I love this post. I have no idea what I want to be when I grow up (well, I have some idea) and it's strange to be alone after so many years of having someone at home. I keep saying "I have THREE SCHOOL AGED CHILDREN, how did this happen?" But it did and now...sigh...I don't know. I need a job for a while (damn economy) so that's probably first on the list but after that, the world is sort of my oyster. heh THE POWER. :)


Great post - though I am older than you! I've been to this point twice since I had two kids, then years passed before the third, and now I feel like I'm heading into that point again (with Robbie being 7 now). I'm trying to figure out if I want to return to school or not, and I have more time for me. It's nice.


I was reading through, feeling a bit melancholy for you, then realized...."Wait a minute! When's the last time I saw *my* kids poop or woke up in the middle of the night?"

It's been a while, and I too am approaching that Pre-Midlife-Epiphany too. Scary. I'm going to procrastinate and give myself another year before I have to deal with it :-)


This is so true! I've gotten to the point in my life where babies are cute, but for short periods of time and only if they're not mine. I'm so grateful that my children are mostly self-sufficient and every year just gets easier. I need to take your example though, and do more for me.


Man, I need to learn the things you are learning...how to not spout off - not say exactly what I am thinking, exactly when I am thinking it. It is a hard lesson I am too old to be learning!

Flyover Belle

So...on the *other* topic, that of you not being fulfilled by your job, and not knowing what you want to do? Have you thought about becoming a Diabetes Nurse Educator? Certification wouldn't be as arduous as full-on graduate school (considering I'm there for the third time, I think I can speak to that). I'll also toss out the idea of academia - not necessarily that you'd have to go back to get your PhD - but you would be an awesome lecturer / clinical educator. Just a few thoughts.


I am 37 and have a 13, almost 8, and 3 year olds. I too am starting to have some sort of epiphany about some Mom "freedom". I have sort of forgot and need to find who I really am. I know that in 2 years when our youngest starts school I will have more and better opportunities for things I want to do and things I want to do differently. I think maybe it is just growth for us Moms.

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