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June 28, 2011



Yeah, the restock violations ALONE should have cost him a DOWNgrade.


We moved to our current house about nine months ago. In our old home, my husband was the toilet paper fairie. He ALWAYS made sure there was tp in the cabinet in the bathroom and when we got low, he put it on the list for purchase. Somehow, in the midst of our move, I became the toilet paper fairie and I hate it. In our old house, we had one bathroom. Now? We have THREE! I don't know what job of mine he got when I took over tp responsibilities, but I want it back because this was NOT a fair trade. All this to say...yeah, A SHOULD be in trouble for not restocking, especially when the stuff was already in the house, just down a level. Men!!! :-)


I don't have any words for you other than I hope your husband knows he married some sort of goddess. Good for you man. I'm sure he realizes, but man it sucks! Hopefully he comes home with buckets of poker winnings.

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