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June 09, 2011


Sarah in Ottawa

I've said this before but your blog entries (and your tweets) make me so excited to have older kids! Especially if they're as adorably hard-working as yours.

And I am the same way with books; it drives Dave crazy. I FORCED myself not to read ahead while reading Harry Potter books, but for most I do it. I'm not sure if you've read "The Hunger Games" but I got it from the library and wasn't sure I could handle it. I needed the spoilers to assure me that I could continue without trauma. If you haven't read them, I do recommend them, FWIW.


I always, ALWAYS read the end of the book after I've read the first few chapters just because the stress of not knowing what's going to happen means I can't even enjoy the book itself. And movies? If I know someone who has seen it before I do I HAVE to know the ending. I just do. It makes me crazy not to know. Weird? Maybe but I can't help it.

So happy that E and L have had such a lovely first grade experience. I really believe that building this foundation of positive experiences with school is so important for the later, harder years.


I agree with A - it's sacrilige to read the end first! I love the suspense and surprise.

What kind of dress did you go with?

Yay for a good first grade year! My first grader is such a hardhead, but I think he had the very best teacher for him this year. I get the thankfulness.


I have a horrible memory so I get confused between the book and show plots... but I do love the books! (Even though I saw the show first.) If you haven't seen True Blood, check it out. I wonder if it's on Netflix?

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