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June 27, 2011



I too have found Awesome Wife Points useless as actual currency. Nevertheless, I find I like possessing them, in much the same way I enjoy possessing my little collection of non-valuable foreign coins I'll never buy anything with (because they'd be worth, like, a Tootsie Roll).


Wow! You are awesome, but girl's week is pretty cool, even if it is with little girls, LOL. When Phoebe gets back from her grandparents, we're going to take out the Little House books after the Big Woods one, which she read at the end of the school year. I was excited to see her like it suddenly, as they were my favorite books when I was a girl.


I am an Alcide girl all the way.

Sarah in Ottawa

I am also a fan of the old-fashioned names. Edward Vincent and Veronica Floriana (though Floriana is for my beloved late aunt on the Italian side).

I also love that you've put up the ninja photo!


Wow! She drew fingers and realistic hair!!! That there is advanced stuff!

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