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March 23, 2011


Emily of Deutschland

I'm only thinking of your poor, poor pancreas.

It's the German's fault. They have warped me with their mild sweets and cakes. Although, they ARE obsessed with gummy candy of all kinds, which is like solidified HFCS or something.

I stand by my words: that cake is crazy with extra marshmallows. If you let it take over the world, we would soon be slaves to smurfs and oompa loompas.


Those are the cutest ninjas I've ever seen :)

Your comment about how people cope all the time with no power, and maybe no food and water made me think of this book I read a little while back
Little snapshots of people from all around the world and what they eat in a typical day. Gorgeous photography, tons of research, and I was totally shocked at the number of people who cope every day with less equipment than I would take camping (granted they live in warmer climates, but still!).

Totally switching gears...that popcorn cake looks delicious. I suspect that you could turn those into cupcakes and they'd make an awesome and easy bake sale sort of thing to make if you put them into little muffin cups...

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