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January 17, 2011



I cannot get Super Mario to work. I am the master of Mario Kart but Super Mario defeats me. I can't get past that first stupid castle. It'll be driving me crazy again when we get home to the States.

I'm going to avoid thinking about that poor mother and her family, and your colleague, as much as I can. How awful all around. And why is it that some OBs don't refer aggressively? Get thee to an RE indeed.


I don't know if this will make you feel any better, but my husband is an ophthalmologist (cataracts and LASIK) who chose eyes over hearts to avoid the patient death stuff. Yesterday, as one of his cataract patients (with a long cardiac history) was being moved into recovery, he had a massive heart attack. He died before EMS could complete transport. While it had nothing to do with the surgery and is to be expected occasionally when dealing with elderly patients, my husband was very sad.

I completely understand your desire to avoid the surgical unit. I'm impressed with your postive attitude towards your workplace changes and I feel confident that you will be a great asset to your new unit.


Okay, I'm totally yucked out about the perianal wart thing! Is this something a girl has to worry about? How does one acquire such things and was this individual in your care just because of the warts?

I'm one step away from googling an image, I must step away from the computer!

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