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January 10, 2011


Amy F

I'm glad you've been put in an area you can live with. I hope that in a couple years you'll be able to look back and be glad things happened as they did.

There's some unknowns suddenly happening in my husband's thought-it-was-super-secure job that we found out about right before Christmas break and it has been a struggle not to spend time brooding and being angry at management. We'll have some answers this week and more when contract time rolls around by May, but I understand what you mean about the unknown getting the best of you.

Sarah in Ottawa

I am really glad to hear that you're landing somewhere where you can be happy (and thanks for talking about it).

This kind of change SUCKS. My fabulous work group was torn apart when I was on maternity leave in 2009 (Canada - year-long leave) and my job box disappeared though the functions didn't. TWO people who make more than me (but work in another gov't dept)are now doing the job. I found something else, but it just isn't my thing. Happily, I am on maternity leave again and will likely find something else once I return. But I miss my old team so, so much. It really is like a family has been split up.

When do the changes take place?


I'm a preschool teacher in an early childhood center that is a lab school for a small university. With the change in the economy some of the classrooms have shifted from part-time students (2 1/2 hours per day) to full day students (what most would call childcare). Many of the teachers that I work with feel strongly about what type of program they want to work in and some of those who were moved (not by choice) considered leaving. I can understand what it's like to have two different roles, that though within the same field, feel so different. I know amazing teachers who are not interested in the part-time programs and others who would leave their jobs before moving to a full-day program. But we are all teachers whose hearts are focused on our students just as you are all nurses whose hearts are focused on your patients. We all have a niche within our field and I'm glad to hear that you got some OK news.


As a fellow nurse, I found this post so fascinating. Although I work as an inpatient RN doing pediatric oncology and bone marrow transplant, I can totally relate! I try to stay away from surgeons at all costs. Pediatric Oncologists are usually pretty awesome though, so I really appreciate that part of my job.

I always wonder how you balance working nights with having your girls. I have a three month old, so I'm really thinking about when and how I want to go back. 12 hour shifts are killer and my management won't let me work anything less than full-time unless I want to work per diem.

Liz S

my dad had a heart transplant 15 years ago so if you want a patient perspective, let me know.


My mom had bypass surgery (here in Aus, when she came to visit for xmas 2 years ago and - surprise! - had a heart attack) and I now have great respect for CT unit nurses. (Mom is better than ever, BTW.) So, good on you (as we say down under) and I hope you find that the change is positive once the dust settles.


Oh, I'm glad you didn't get your third choice. For survivor guilt, it's nice you didn't get your first choice.

I loved the paragraph about surgeons!

The way you describe nurse jobs reminds me of teachers: teachers usually have strong preferences for what grade they teach, and they can't just be shuffled around as if any teacher can be plugged into any teacher job. When I worked in a daycare, I worked in INFANT ROOM AND INFANT ROOM ONLY. Sometimes I had to sub in other rooms, and I hated it and suffered. If they'd been, like, "We're doing a reshuffle and plz list 3 choices kthanx," I would have mentally responded "1. infant room, 2. quit, 3. quit."


What Swistle said.


I used to work surgical, trauma, neuro and burn ICU for adults... and truthfully hated medical ICU stuff. Now I work in an all inclusive ICU for kids and love all of them, whether they be surgical, medical, or trauma.

I hope this move is good for you and expands your horizons and gives you some great experiences for the cath lab in the future. Hang in there. I'm glad you kind of got what you wanted and didn't end up where you really didn't want to be. Change is tough and where you're at has a lot of changes going on. Hang in there.


Glad to hear you were assigned a unit that you can feel good about your work and patients. Thinking of you and wishing you the best


Glad you landed in an ok unit, even if it wasn't your first choice. The difference between surgeons and medical intensivists (and how alot of them treat nurses and the nursing role), is what pushed my husband out of the burn center (a ICU/floor, adult/peds combined unit), and to adult BMT, medicine service, and, ultimately, infection control. He sounds like you - he likes the mystery aspect of medical patients, not the nuts and bolts surgical patients.

Nicole A.

I didn't know all this was going on. I am very much like you in my opinion of medical vs. surgical ICU pt's and docs and even how I feel about my co-workers being like family. You explain it so well. We don't get any cardiac surgical patients where I am and that is one area I think I'd like to gain more experience in some day. I think medically, you will still enjoy it, but the "divorce" feeling of it still sucks.

Flyover Belle

I'm glad this shift is working out for you, but sad that your unit is being split up and scattered. I completely agree that imposing big changes on nurses is, maybe, not a good way to do things. We tend to know what we like, and at what we excel. I used to work peds ICU - med/surg, primarily, with a whiff of CT on one of my travel assignments. I always knew what I *didn't* want to do, and if I had been forced to move to a new / different specialty, I likely would have left wherever I was at the time.

I guess I just question the wisdom of forcing people into a situation with, for many of them, no good choices. Did anyone higher up consult with the nurses to see if there were, perhaps, other ways of approaching this?

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