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January 05, 2011



The thing I love most about your blog, is how much your house reminds me of a wonderful place - my house! I guess it's the all girl thing, the mostly laid-back parenting - chosing the battles that are important to you, the occasional insane moments (ok, slightly more than occasional in my house) and your ability to take it all in stride. If we didn't do that, we'd be sunk for sure. Hope C spit out all her toothpaste, instead of swallowing it like my B did when we were away for New Year's Eve. I figured a little extra flouride once in a while won't kill her - and since my hubby went to dental school, I think I'm in the know - even though I never asked him.


I was about to panic because I just realized reading this that my kids don't usually spit out the toothpaste, but then I remembered that we're one of the freaky places that doesn't have fluoride in the water and my dentist is trying to convince me to buy bottled water with fluoride added. This must even out in the end.


Just for the record I am Catholic and have no problems with IVF. I have issues with some of the teachings in the Catholic church but short of starting my own religion it is the only thing I have known. We have chosen to raise out children in the Catholic faith and even send out kids to a Catholic school. But we also talk about other religions and how one is not the right one for everyone and it is ok to question things. I think if people like me did not stay in the church then would there ever be any progress?


Sounds like you had a busy day and that salsa looks sooo yummy!


Wow, you can buy vodka at Costco??????


Hah! I was petting a blanket that looked identical to that one in Target yesterday. I told my husband I thought it was made out of newborn hair.


Ha ha! I will totally buy it for 30% off if it's just what I wanted and the only one left! Definitely a good decision! Clearance shopping is a delicate balance of cost and supply.

Liz S

Like Katie, i am a Catholic who doens't have issues with IVF. I know there are other religions out there who also have issues with it but they aren't as vocal as the pope. : }

i do love that you did embyro donation, because that is the part that is hard for me. I couldn't just keep some embyos on ice forever, but I don't think I could feel good about having them destroyed.

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