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November 16, 2010



The first part is heartsicky and was a totally innocent mistake and let's not talk about it anymore because ack.

The second part I LOVE. I go with "jerk" and "You're a jerk and I hate you" for "f___er"/"f__k you" synonyms.


Yech. I agree with Swistle, let us discuss it no further. (Except, yeah that L is taking it so well, actually ditto E, because I did something similar last year to a child who really was devastated. You'll notice I didn't confess that on my blog at the time.)

Our school has a similar award, BTW.

The F-word story is hilarious. Our kids learned that word for me, which just isn't as humorous, blog-material-wise.


So many hugs.

And I love your discussion of the F word.


hahaha! I am dying about the f-word conversation. (And crying a bit about the award.) Kinda makes me wish my daughter would ask about it! That's an excellent way to describe the word to a 6-year-old, I think.

Liz S

Don't kick yourself on the award. i missed my daughters first solo in a play because I was running late. I was there and she saw me at the end, but I missed her whole part. She never knew.

I love the part of parenting you are in. I luckily still have it with the little guy, but having an 18 yr old is killing me inside. I have raised her well and she is making a very common mistake with a boy who I hate. I still have to be open and talk about it with her and make sure she is safe and iside I hurt down to every cell. So, enjoy the Fucker being a finger gesture and not the real guy. And yes, don't tell grandma.


I'm so sorry you missed the awards ceremony! But there's a lot to be said for expressing to your kid that you wish you would have been there and that you regret missing it. When I was a kid, my dad fell asleep during the Biggest. Flute. Solo. Of. My. Life. I finished and triumphantly looked up to see him snoring with his head in his hand. We laugh about it now.

I LOVE your f-word conversation- the way you handle that sort of thing is awesome.

Stephanie M

I'm so sorry you missed the awards ceremony! (and I just noticed the last comment started the exact same way, but I swear I'm sorry and not copying!)

Mainly, I wanted to comment and tell you that I thought the second part of your post was hilarious...and then I got to the last line and TOTALLY. LOST. IT. Hilarious.

Love reading your posts, thanks for sharing your life!

Emily of Deutschland

Oh man... the first part of your post made me want to cry and the second part made me laugh hysterically. DO tell Grandma that story, she'd laugh her head off! She's gotten quite a bit less horrified of language since she's gotten to know me better. :) Well-kept secret: grandma swears, too.

Amy F

As for "See what the public schools do to your children!" comments, my conservative-private-Catholic-prep-schooled sons recently started saying "Oh my God!" which they most certainly did not pick up at home. So the language is going to come, no matter where they are schooled (I bet the homeschool co-ops pass swear words around too!)


hey. i homeschool, and my kid swears. the problem is, he's learning it from us.

Lisa C.

Last Friday was grandparents day at my son's school so I made arrangements for my dad to go. DS was so excited. Naturally I was up all night before the event with horrible stomach cramps and didn't get a wink of sleep, so I decided I'd just send dad to the lunch without me. When he came to my house to pick me up I told him I wasn't feeling up to going. Then, apparently, he went home rather than going to the school for lunch, thinking that he couldn't go without me? I'm not sure, it's unclear.

My son was SO disappointed. He kept saying, "I looked for Papi 3 times and he never came!" I felt AWFUL. AWFUL. It's one of those situations where you look back and were like, why didn't I just get dressed and go? Why the fuck did my dad not just go to the lunch without me? If he'd said, "Well I'll just go home then..." I would have had a chance to say, no, go without me. But he didn't and I didn't and... AWFUL. Blah.

I feel you.

Jessica Szczerba

So funny! When my son wanted to know why he shouldn't give the finger, the best description of the insulting nature was "it's like throwing poop at someone and spitting in their face, honey". Now he asked me what cuss words are, and wanted a list. He's the same age as the twins. Isn't first grade fun? The finger was actually before or during Kdg.

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