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July 09, 2010



OMG, L is SO CUTE with her organizational urges. And E! Ninja skillz (I'm betting if she knew to spell it with a 'z', she would.)! It's getting so fun to skype with those two. The other day, Lorelei had a lot of fun typing things to me on chat. She did 'I love you' and 'Thank you for the earings.' LOVE.


The dryer sheet thing really does work. Rub the dryer sheet on their arms and legs ant then stick it in their pocket. No mosquitos will bite! It is like a miracle, because my daughter is also allergic and it was my (totally awesome)ped who recommended it. He also said Avon Skin-so-Soft lotion worked for him when he did missionary work in South America.


I bought the Avon stuff for me, because I am allergic to gnats, which is what we have alot of up here. It stinks. Just sayin'...So, if you can find dryer sheets that you would LIKE to smell like, I'd try that option first.


Someone told me eating pickles keep mosquitos away too.

Not near as cute as L's questions, but my 4 year asked me the other morning at 6 AM,
"Mama, why do people have brains?"


I 2nd the dryer sheets- we always keep them in our hiking stuff in case we forget the bug spray. It's great!


Love the questions too! My favorite from Phoebe at that age was "Do you dream in color?" I'll have to try the dryer sheets thing. I'm sick of getting eaten my mosquitos these days.


I think eight is a reasonable age to learn knife skills...my three year old has a mental calendar of all the things he will be allowed to do as he gets older. It goes something like this:

6 years: ride the hot air ballon thingy at the San Deigo Wild Animal Park
8 years: get to use the "metal" knives
10 years: stay home along while Mama goes to the grocery store/Target (not his favorite places)
15 years: learn to drive
16 years: learn to use the nail gun (Lord help us - this is what my husband has agreed to.)

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