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September 14, 2009



You're just great, have I ever told you that? I so enjoy your posts and how well you capture life with your kids :)


Wow! I thought most 3rd kids got ignored...not C!


totally adorable... I love that you have this fantastic record of all her cute sayings and milestones. I had to laugh when I read the very first part... my 3rd child endured exactly the same nap-less babyhood!! He was also very easy going... (well, up till age three. Then he was a terror... now at 7 he's easy- and cute and funny- again!!) I love reading these things about your kids!! They make me reminisce about my own children's younger days.


Ah yes, I ahve heard tell of these easy going 3rd children... Not so much mine :)
I think he learned vrey early on (from the masters none the less) that the squeaky wheel gets the grease and took that too heart!
Anyway, Happy birthday sweet little C. She sounds like such a DOLL!


*SIGH* I can't wait to see that precious little darlin' again. Maybe soon...

Abacaxi Mamao

In my family, children #1 and #2 (that would be me) were low maintenance, and children #3 and #4 were high maintenance. I can't say it really worked out for them--they probably got less attention from my parents--but I do think that they got a lot more attention from older siblings (for better or worse). For example, I taught my brother how to read and do arithmetic when he was 3 or 4, shortly after I had learned at the age of 6. (We're three years apart.)

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