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September 09, 2009



Those books are great. M loves to draw and she has two and is facinated by them. One is a thumbprint/fingerprint book where you can turn stamped prints into all different kinds of things, and this can keep her busy for hours. It is also handy for gifts, because you can use it to turn your kids prints into cute cards, or paint them onto a frame for grandma, etc. I was put in charge of a perschool class teacher gift last year and used it with B's class with great success.


I'm also a little amazed at what my girls are learning (they gave me a lesson the other day on liquids and solids) and was a little surprised on the expectations towards reading and writing in kindy. I kind of thought kindy was about finger-painting and eating paste. :) Although the teacher did point out to me that while they work on all of these various elements, all the kids are required to know to advance to 1st grade is their letters and letter sounds.

Glad to hear that E has settled into school!


That is an awesome tiger! Tell E Aunt Emily said so. And tell L that Aunt Emily thinks she is my little princess. And tell C that, while she is allowed to turn two without me, I absolutely expect her to continue wearing pigtails for the rest of her life. There.


yay! i hadn't read this post yet, but apparently, at least ONE of your girls will like their gift! :)

Abacaxi Mamao

I didn't have that particular drawing book, but I had a few other drawing instruction books that looked similar. I think we got them from the Scholastic Book Club. Do they still have that? I hope so!

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