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September 21, 2009



Have you considered nuts at all? It's a great source of protein and with all of the salted, honey roasted options, there are likely some options they will eat. Try a variety of nuts like almonds, cashews, walnuts. You can even buy almonds sliced which might prove to be a novelty.

My kids will eat plain garbanzo beans, too. If they don't like them plain, you can put a vinaigrette salad dressing over them to make them more flavorful.

There are some lunchbox/ kid cookbooks that might have good ways to incorporate veggies and non-lunch meat proteins into their meals. We have Honest Pretzels, Vegan Lunchbox (which is great, but I substitute standard ingredients instead of the vegan subsitutes she mentions), and Local Bounty.

It also might help if you get them involved in the cooking or preparation, if you don't already. Sometimes being involved eliminates the mystery of food and therefore some of the 'yuck' factor. For example, if you make applesauce with them (once, not, like, every day) they will see what goes into applesauce and they will see why it has that texture.

If this helps, great, if not, forget I ever offered officious advice. :)


I think if you go about offering things, they girl will be awesome eaters in just a couple years. (Alas, probably not for school lunches, but at dinner time they will be. School lunches are always a pain.) I have to read all the comments and get some ideas for lunches. I'm pretty blah - sandwich, fruit/veg, milk and then add a sweet occasionally.

For dinnertime: I have 5 kids, the older 2 (9&11) are no problem except their small list of things they haven't liked since like age 2. The 7 year old sometimes complains, but mostly eats without whining. The 5 and 2 year old still aren't quite there, but it is so much easier to not worry about it, seeing that the other kids grew out of it eventually.

I'm excited that 5 of our 7 will eat fajitas now...I love fajitas! Just about 5 more years and I might get all 7 of us eating them! :)

Was this assvice? If so...sorry. Not intended.


My girls are terrible with veggies and when I mentioned this to my ped he asked how they did with fruit. I told him that they loved fruit and eat it several times a day. He said quit stressing, they're in the same food group so it's all good. So there you go, I no longer stress about veggies and just get them a good variety of fruits.

It does help that I witnessed my younger brother living off of pb&j sandwiches for years, and I do mean years and I don't think a green vegetable has ever touched his lips. He's healthy and smarter than me so evidently he got the nutrition that he needed although he's a pain in the rear to cook for.

Thanks for the PW recommendations. I've made the lasagna but hadn't tried the enchiladas yet. I'll have to move those up on my "to try" list.

liz s

Just here to comisserate (sp). My 13 year old won't eat anything if it doesn't come from fast food. OK, not quite that bad but it seems that way.

My 17 year old used to be that way. Now she has great taste in food.

The no thank you bite is a great idea.


I am not worried a bit that my son is a picky eater. So what that he doesn't eat veggie? He loves fruits and yogurt. Besides I was a picky eater when I was a kid, now I eat pretty much anything.
As for packing lunch, so hard to get new ideas. Even I put the 'hot' food in a thermo, it still gets warm and toward cold at lunch time. *sigh*


Oh, Linda. Packing lunches is just a very unpleasant thing in my house. I'll spare you the details of the older two and tell you about my first grader.

Her idea of a perfect school lunch is Cheetos, crackers, an apple, and Little Debbie "snack cakes." I am opposed to this model. Ahem. Protein that I can pack is my biggest problem with her. I try to focus on getting protein at breakfast and dinner and just not worry about lunch, but it's a long day without proper fuel. One oddball (and stinky) thing I've found that she'll eat is boiled egg whites. Chopped with some salt and tossed in a Zip-Loc bag. Who would have guessed? But, I'm afraid to pack them very often for fear that she'll grow tired of them and I'll be left with nothing.

Today's lunchbox contains: egg whites, Cheeto asteroids, an apple, and grapes. Snack is a "Cheerio treat." Here's my only offering for you: customized Rice Krispie treats. The original R.K. Treat recipe calls for 10oz. of marshmallows, 3 tbs. of butter and 6 cups of Rice Krispies. I just stick with the ratio of 6 cups of dry stuff to the butter and goo. Typically, I use 1 and 1/2 cups of oats, 1/2 a cup of Grape-Nuts, and 4 cups of Cheerios. I sprinkle a 13 x 9 with mini chocolate chips before adding the other mixture and then I sprinkle again with the chips across the top after adding the mixture. I cut these up, wrap them individually in waxed paper, and freeze them. In the morning, I just toss in a frozen treat and it easily thaws by 10:30 snack time. My older girls like less Grape-Nuts and some kind of nut (sunflower seeds, pistachios, and peanuts have all been successful). I'm not going to pretend that these are healthy, but I love knowing that I have one damn thing in her box that has whole grains, a drop of protein, and the ability to fill her up a bit.

I always write out what I'm packing the night before, so that I don't have to think about how discouraging my options are when I'm bleary-eyed and struggling. I just follow the list and move on. There's always dinner. Good luck, Linda.


Lunch for my son (7) lately has been hard-boiled eggs (2), cheddar cheese slices (for snack), cut up apple (he's missing a couple of important biting teeth) or grapes, a no-sugar-added juice pouch, and a dessert.


Also, a friend I talked to the other day suggested this:

You pull out a variety of stuff for them to pack in their lunches, and let them choose and pack it (the night before). Pop their lunch sacks in the fridge overnight. They are much more likely to eat the food if they had agency in choosing it.


Boy can I relate. Your kids are great eaters compared to my son. He seriously eats almost nothing. The only thing somewhat healthy is milk and an occassional grape, apple or banana. He is 3 and I have tried everything short of force feeding him, but nothing works. Whenever I mention it to his doctor, she shrugs, laughs and says he is growing and healthy, just be sure to give him vitamins. Luckily all food is provided by daycare right now (which he doesn't eat either),but I am worried about what will happen when he starts PreK next year.


I can really relate, also. I don't have any ideas, since I get all my ideas from your blog & comments!!

I love your food posts, I will definitely be trying some of your recipes. And, you turned me on to the PW....I've tried about 5 of her recipes already, loved them all. I made the Tres Leches Cake last night and brought it to work. I work with mostly men, so they weren't as enthusiastic about it!!

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