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September 01, 2009


Rayne of Terror

Wii like Playground. There is something everyone can be the best at. Mario Galaxy is a lot of fun too, but harder for little kids.


My sister's family has a game called "Big Brain," that we played once, and i LOVED IT. I'm kind of a dork, though.

jen w

Mario Supersluggers (my kids like this one, it is baseball)
Wii Fit
I heard My Fitness Coach is good, but have not bought it yet
Any of the sports ones are good
We might go for Animal Crossing for xmas

We buy used when we can, and trade them in when they aren't being played at GameStop. I try to look them up to see how people like them on Amazon. If they get a poor rating, chances are my kids won't play them. Have fun!


Congratulations on the organization, Wii and enjoying exercise. I hope to get to enjoy exercise more often once the boys start sleeping through the night.


Our kids really enjoy the Diego Great Dinosaur Race, the 5.5 year old can do it herself and has played to the end. Most other games involve our help (5.5 and 3.5 twins). As a family, Active Life Outdoor Adventure ROCKS and it has a lot of games that involve teamwork. All the kids enjoy Guitar Hero too. We got them their own minuature guitar that they "plug" into us and play along. They've got some awesome rock moves and are learning the classics!

Mario Cart & Playground also get a thumbs up from us too.

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