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August 20, 2009



We're going to buy a Wii for Christmas too, my son has MarioKart on his Nintendo DS and 'I' get very addicted to it!!

Anyway, another one on PW recipes that is very good are her quesidillas. At first I thought it was a lot of effort the way she made them - but they were well worth it. In fact, I did her whole Superbowl Spread, I think two years ago, and it went over VERY well. Pico de Gallo - mmmmmm.


Whenever I or a friend has something used that we want to get rid of, but is actually still worth something (like when my double stroller became obsolete for me), we'll do a little online research to find out what similar products are selling for (ie, Ebay, Craigslist, etc). It might be a helpful way to know what to ask if you want to buy out the other Wii's owner.

liz s

Do you have Game Stop there? They would be able to give you the blue book for an older WII. I love it with teens because we are always trading in old video stuff and getting credit for new stuff.

The WII should be easy to find now. It was just that first Christmas that it was sold out. Costco has them right now.

On the Crash Pot Potatoes- What am I doing wrong?!!!!! I can't get them to mash like a cookie. I end up with Crumb Pot Potatos. Still really good, but don't look like the recipe. I have tried boiling longer and less. They just crumble. I have tried white, red and purple finger potatoes as well as the slightly bigger potatoes.


Sounds like a great way to share a Wii. We got one last Christmas and the kids have loved it (8 and 9 year olds), and it's good when friends come over to play.

We limit total screen time as you have suggested, TV or computer or Wii. Some families only use the Wii on the "Wiikends".
You might want to consider where is best to set it up. Ours is in the family room, and every time it's on, kids (and some adults!) are magically drawn to watch the games even if it's not their turn to play. So that kind of messes up our limits on screen time, and can make it hard to get the kids to do anything else.

MarioKart is the best game we have when 2 to 4 people want to play together. You will need extra remotes. We've been very impressed with all the different levels to play and unlock new features - months after we got the game our son still hasn't done everything, though he plays nearly every day.

"Wii Play" also has nice games that two can play at the same time, probably good for your girls.

You can rent games from video stores to see if you like them or not, and try a variety of things.


I love my Wii! We got the Wii Fit and love that to pieces! My three year old does yoga with me, and my husband and his buddies can really get into some of those games too! I would say though if you have anyone in the family who is a lefty, don't get the Wii Active, you can't switch over to lefty, which we didn't know until we got it!


We make those potatoes once a week, minimum.

We had never had any sort of gaming system before, but I love the Wii. We bought it off-season, so it was easy to get. Mario Kart is great. I love - LOVE - Wii Active. Also, American Idol? Throw in some wine and that is funfunfun. My sister gave us Smarty Pants, and Paul and I have had a blast with that. We've definitely used it as much or more than I expected, so I'm pleased with our choice.


You should be able to find a Wii. I love ours. I like that most of the games get you off the sofa. I just bought the Wii Active (goes with the Wii Fit) and really enjoy it. All in all, there are tons of games the family can play-I think you will enjoy it. For the record, we did have an issue with our system. We called Nintendo and they e-mailed us a shipping label, repaired it and shipping it back quickly.

jen w

you can find a wii now... I know they are at gamestop. I would go there to get used games also. I don't think I'd share it. I use it quite a bit (wii fit) and I think it would get complicated. They are about $250 I think... I'd just get your own to avoid complications later.... just me! My kids love mariokart, all ages can play. We might get animal crossing this xmas. Heard it was a good one, they can play their friends who have it also...we haven't tried that yet! Have fun!


I agree on the love of the Wii. We got one last Christmas. I had my sister on the look out for one when visiting the Nintendo store while on vacation in NYC in October. She bought it for us (gave me a break with payment schedule) and it stayed at her house from October until Christmas Eve. The kids got one other gift, their Hallmark collector ornament and then controllers in their stockings and found the Wii box wrapped behind the couch. Husband knew nothing about it and it was more exciting to see his face than the kids. Since my sister knew about the gift she got the kids extra controller and nunchucks and color coded sleeves. It is not played as much as it once was but it is better than just sitting there with eyes glued to Noggin (extra controllers means more people involved). When we do play it they get one warning about fighting and then it is tuned off. We are happy with just the Sports CD. Husband also bought RockBand- just mic (extra from friends) and one guitar. RockBand party this weekend with friends. Not sure if it is a good thing kids know the lyric to Eye of the Tiger.


We got a Wii last Christmas, the kids love it, we love it. If I don't feel like going to gym, I can do wii fit on it. It is good to share costs, but the downside is that you will love Wii and its games and having it one month at a time might not be enough.


We love our Wii and the sports package that comes with it is great and our daughter loves Mario Kart. We got it for Christmas last year, but we bought it in the middle of October. We like buying our gifts early anyway, so December doesn't seem to bring a huge bill in January.

Jen LC

On the Wii, I got nothin'. We have fun when we play one that Mandy's aunt has but we're not really big video game peeps. Probably because I'm not that great at them. :D

If you don't mind me picking your brain...how did you pick an amount & instigate a plan on limiting screen time? At 2, Deven's not really using the computer or video gaming but, as the weather gets colder, TV will have more excess-potential. Suggestions?

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