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July 05, 2009



Shake things up and get a couple of cats.

I don't know how to handle the garbage picking up, either, because I find it disgusting. But I appreciate their good intentions.


wow your school starts early! Ours doesn't start until Sept.


shoes where always where I got my "dressy" needs met when I wore a uniform.

I can relate to the movie thing, both my parents are still alive but live so far away I rarely get to see them, a few weeks ago Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was on and thats one I watched with my dad and brother at least once a month. R (my now 3 year old) sat through the whole thing and even let me sing along. It meant so much to me!


Not at all boring! Keep up the good work (and good writing)! :)


Ha ha, my son wants ME to pick up the trash at the playground. He points and says "throw that away Mama, throw that away!!!" He is all a panic until I dispose of it.


Tights, leggings and socks. That is where our school dress code remains pretty silent (other than the "must have them). I have been stocking up on navy blue based patterned tights, knee socks, and leggings and they are to die for cute with her little navy pleated skirt and white, yellow, or light blue polo shirts :)


Glad to hear you're having a stellar summer, too. :)

Jen LC

did i miss the update on which school they got into? must go search backwards...


Oh yes, we've got trouble. Right here in River City. A favorite of mine! Glad the summer is going well!


I love this post! It has the flavor of all the things I've been dying to do since the twins were born at the end of May. Hopefully both twins will be home from the hospital today and then we can have lots of summer fun with them and our 8-year-old daughter. You gave me some other ideas we could do too!


Well, I still think you're great, and it's fun to read a little post of just "I'm content" too!

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