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July 30, 2009



I'm coping with the opposite problem. My 2.75 year old who, up until a month ago had to be dragged out of bed if it was before 8am, and who would happily sleep past 9 on weekends has taken to waking up at 6. Wide awake and ready to start her day. Also wanting to go to bed later. And no longer napping. I'm desperately hoping this is a phase and she'll go back to sleeping more, on the other hand I'm getting to work earlier (although I'm tired so it is questionable whether I'm getting any more done or not).

Good luck with the kindergarten transition! It doesn't matter how much prep work you do, there's always going to be something unexpected, but it sounds like you're doing an amazing job. The more prepared they are, the more likely it is that things will be fun instead of overwhelming.


Thanks TodayWendy. I know I tend to overthink/overprepare for stuff, but you summed up my hope: If I can prepare them for as much as possible, they'll be able to roll with the unexpected stuff and the overall experience will be fun and not overwhelming.


Now you have an even better excuse for relaxed housekeeping! You will be home with a toddler who requires more of your attention than ever now that her sisters are away.


Here is my best transition to FD kindergarten tip. When you pick up, come armed with a substantive snack. And let them eat it in the car, even if you don't normally allow that. They will be worn out and starving and having a welcoming snack IMMEDIATELY available will greatly improve their moods. Woe was me on the few days I forgot to bring the snack and she had to wait the 10 miutes till she got home!

I usually bring peanut butter crackers or string cheese and a full glass of milk, in a quasi-sippy cup, because she does better with some type of quick protein and for whatever reason, even though she is 6, M still finds the sippy extremely comforting and it is a "treat" for her to get it.

Also, hopefully this won't happen to you, but I noticed that M (who seems a lot like your L) was more rule-oriented and know-it-all than normal right after she started kindergarten. I thought maybe it was just her, but then a few other parents confirmed that their kindergarteners were big know-it-alls all of a sudden too. It did settle down eventually, but I found myself saying some variation of "I am the Mommy and I make the rules, not you" practically all of the time for the first 6 weeks or so.

All that being said, I think kindergaten is really fun and your girls will LOVE it. It is so amazing watching them really learn to read!

Our school doesn't start for 5 more weeks, but it is a new school for M and she will be in FIRST GRADE and B is starting preschool and that is all that I can think of as well.


Wow, Linda, you are so smart to practice having the girls eat from their lunchboxes. I never thought to do that, and some of the food packaging I pack can be difficult for my son's tiny hands to open. I recently discovered that my son has a hard time opening the half-cup-sized tupperware-style containers I'd bought to hold small items like baby carrots or mini pretzels. It wasn't until the same cup of Cheese Nips came home from camp untouched for four days in a row that he finally told me that can't open the container! (Rubbermaid sandwich boxes are awesome, though. Dishwasher-safe, saves waste, easy to open, and PB&J sandwiches remain unmangled. Highly recommend them to any lunch-packin' mom.)

We used to do quite a few breakfasts-in-the-car, too, before he started riding a bus. Scambled eggs in a cup was surprisingly successful, but I definitely suggest keeping a stock of cereal bars or other grab-n-go items for the REALLY rushed mornings. They will happen!


Hey, you could always get pregnant again, if you want a really good excuse to not vacuum. Ha! Another set of twins, perhaps? Good job preparing the kindergarten transition!


Hi, Linda! Just wanted to let you know I sent you an email, in case it ends up in your spam folder. :)

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