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July 27, 2009


Lisa O.

I got weepy at Office Depot shopping for the list of supplies - so I relate.

RE: lunch: I lovingly packed her lunch on day 1 and included a photo and a note saying I loved her and was proud, blah, blah. She came home and told me she bought hot lunch and she needed me to "put money in her account" (they give the kids a PIN - 5 year olds use PINs!!). She never even opened the damn lunch box. She had school lunch all year. (I sorely miss it - we live in Australia now and she goes to a school with no "canteen".) Good luck!!


It's going to be awesome! The girls are going to love school, do well and learn oodles of great stuff. They will meet wonderful kids and make terrific friends. You will enjoy your time with just C and she will grow and blossom in many new ways.
That is how it will be. Promise.


This was me last year! The first day I put her on that bus was so hard. I counted nearly every minute until she came home. I didn't know what to do with myself all day and neither did her little brother! We quickly settled into a routine and now we love the times she has off, but also look forward to putting her back in school. :)

This year, my trauma will be putting the boy in preschool! Only 2 more year until MY BABY is going to be getting on that bus to Kindergarten too!! Sorry, I need to go weep over that now!


You have a great attitude - but you're right - it is a transition and the best way to handle the transition is to look at it for what it is and embrace it and yes, grieve a little for what is behind you. But it will be wonderful to have some time with C - she will blossom with some "alone" time with you. Best of luck to all of you!


I'm feeling the same way about Kindergarten. So excited!! Haven't bought pudding cups yet but we've been experimenting with lunch-box appropriate items all summer. :) You're such a great mom. I get a lot of wonderful ideas from you, so thanks!

jen w

They start aug 5?? Wow, so early!! We have until Sept 8.


Same here. Except it's my BABY going to K later next month. I'm pushing that aside for now, choosing to weep over leaving the daycare/preschool where she's been since she was 3-months old. The staff there have been awesome and we will miss them - and let us not speak of her friends all going to different schools in the city and county lest I sniffle audibly. And I'm freaking out more than a little that both my girls are going away for 1.5 weeks with their grandparents. Yes, yes, I know that the grandparents will take exceptionally good care of them - but who will take care of ME??

Kate W.

I agree with you too! For some reason, I was sad sending my first, but I am in complete denial with sending our second to Kindergarten. I got teary opening her backpack from LL Bean last week! With the lunch thing- I always send an "I Love You" or " Have a great day!" on their napkins or when I am scrapbooking, I use up scraps and punch shapes to keep in a kitchen drawer to write quick note on for their lunches... Just a thought.


I've got a little over two years before I have to deal with kindergarten, but I think my thoughts will be quite similar to yours, however, I think the negative ones will probably be more than 0.01%.

Positive thought though: all the one-one-one time you will get with C. Both of you will probably really enjoy all the time together with her as an "only child".


It will be the best ever! JUST DON'T FAINT. I did on the first day of school.


We start kindergarten next year. See that we? It's a whole family thing. I've been putting it off but it's time to start looking more closely at the schools that are on our list at the moment.

The whole 4 to 5 transition is killing me. (My son will be 5 in October.) It's huge.


I went through this with MM going to first grade last year (he went to kindergarten at the same place he'd been to daycare, so first grade was our big year.)


Hi Linda,
I don't comment often, but I have an almost second grader and I totally understand! Something I started doing in K is taking a picture of him the first day of school, and then an outstretched arm self portrait of he and I. Then on the last day of each year, I take another set. It's GREAT to see how he's grown up - even though I tear up just typing it!


I thought that I was bigger than that...dropped my oldest off, took pictures, kissed her, she was SO READY and all smiles (5 years ago, omg!!!)...

and I BAWLED MY EYES OUT as I drove out of the parking lot...

did the same thing when my son went 2 years later, but I was ready for it (and he was more of my baby, so it was different)...

I'll be doing it all over again next year...sigh...you know what's to come, but it doesn't get any easier, sadly.

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