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January 28, 2009



I need to have your attitude. This is the first year that winter is getting me down. But I'm very thankful for Legos. R got several sets for Christmas, and he'll spend hours assembling planes, cars, spaceships over and over again. So being housebound hasn't been so bad. It's just been too cold to go sledding. And, last year, that's what made winter fun!


For me, this is a strage year but its going by pretty fast. I havent had to drive in the snow much and I spend a lot of time indoors so that helps. Im also not seeing my waistline expand (anymore!) so that helps.

I love your attitude lately. Keep it up!


I have wondered how it is to live in a snowy state. We have considered moving to MN before (job opportunity and friends) but could not get past the cold climate. Today is beautiful here in NC (in the 50's) and although I still miss my hometown in CA, I'm loving the weather in the winter.

It is good that your girls have each other to play with in the snow - makes it so much more bearable and fun! Hehe. My twins have also been asking for snow but the last time it snowed for like 10 minutes, I took them outside and they said it was too cold. Lol.

Laura K.

I need to stop retreating to the couch with blankets, as well. I have such a hard tim eworking out when so many family things get in the way. I have gone before work sometimes, but I need to set up a schedule for myself.

I'm jealous that the big girls play by themselves in the yard. My kids are reluctant to play outside by themsleves in summer, let alone winter. So if we're out, we're ALL out. I need snowpants! :)

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