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January 08, 2009



One thing I've noticed in our SE MI district...the half-day kindergarten day is super packed--not as much time for recess/free play--because the curriculum is so demanding. In my kids' full-day kindergarten (3 yrs ago and this year), the afternoon is much more like preschool--lots of centers, free play, and tons of recess. There are days when my daughter gets 3 recesses a day (one for lunch, and two in the afternoon--one is sometimes connected to a science or gym activity, but the point is there is time for it built into the day.


Are all of the schools you've looked at going to be public and free??? Maybe you've mentioned this and I'm sorry to be redundant if you have.
How did you find these other options? I did an internet search for my area but there were no charter or alternative type schools except ones associated with day care centers and they cost too much money.
It's funny, now that I'm working full time and Riley goes to full time preschool I feel like kindergarten it won't be much of a change...except for the not paying for it part. I really can't wait to see what kind of friends he makes. If he was home with me I think I would feel much more sad.. I do get the nostalgia part. I think no matter whether you're home or working you feel this way once your child officially becomes an elementary school student. It's the end of an era


I am going to have to google the 48 things. Surely that must be on the internets somewhere? I too feel a little sad that my little boy will now be an elementary school kid.


I had a hard time with that transition too. Knowing that my baby would be having experiences without me was really weird at first and it still is. If he doesnt want to tell me something, I will have no idea...


Well now I am teary and it's only 7:43am. Of course, now I have to go get MY kindergartner's breakfast started so she won't miss the bus in an hour! All day kindergarten is wonderful, but I so not ready to let my little guy go to preschool next year and I have to GET OVER IT! To me it is the beginning of the end and on just 2 short years he'll be the one getting on that big bus and going to school all day.


Like Liz, the transition won't be such a big deal for us. Leah's been in all-day daycare, preschool, and now pre-K her whole life. I'm looking forward to having both kids at the same school (the ONLY year this will happen in their lives!) and not paying weekly tuition. I'm also excited about the opportunities she'll have in K. She's so ready for it. I'm NOT looking forward to her having to say good-bye to her friend that has been in her class since the baby room. They're inseparable. I'm not looking forward to saying good-bye to the preschool teachers and staff who have been part of her life since she was 3 months old. I'm not looking forward to admitting I have two elementary-age children. I'll miss the preschool-ness of our little one even as I'm excited to see how she's emerging and growing and changing. In my mind's eye is this: Two sisters holding hands as they walk up those steps. I'll cry like a baby that first day.


I have read your blog since your twins were 18 months old. I have a boy very close in age to the twins and another son a little older than your younger child. We are also starting kindergarten in Sept and I am having so many of the same feelings like time is fleeting and I will never have this free unstructured time with them again to explore the world. It is good that they are growing up but so bittersweet. You are so not alone!

Jenn (dish)

I am already thinking about this and my son only turns four in May. We are fortunate to have options (the district is pretty good, his daycare has K, and there are private schools although the price tags are prohibitive). Even though he is in daycare, I always wonder about the skills expected for K. Is that list electronic by chance? Can I be a pest and ask you to e-mail me a copy? (pittquilter at yahoo dot com)

Oh, and I keep laughing at your posts about C because it's as if she and my daughter are cosmic twins (they were only born a day apart, after all). So many things they do are identical or scarily similar. It keeps me sane to know she's not the only one climbing up on the table for instance...


That made me teary-eyed. I'm the principal that cries along with our Kindergarten parents on the first day of school because I so feel what they are going through.

My experience will be completely different, though. Mine are currently in full-time preschool and when they hit Kindergarten, they'll be at school with ME! I'll be the parent with the big smile on her face the first day of school!

Lisa C.

I totally understand your hesitation about all day K, but I just wanted to let you know it has been a wonderful experience for Ali, who started in September 2008. I think half-day programs are too busy... they are absolutely packed with academics and don't allow enough time for fun stuff. Ali's day is fairly free-flowing, and they have have either art, music, or PE every day. They have an hour break for recess/lunch in the middle of the day. There's lots of play time. It's really been great for him and I am impressed with the scope of his education. Best of luck!


Anticipating all-day Kindergarten was so hard on me. The reality seemed so easy, but that had a lot to do with how hard the anticipation was.

My kids were definitely tired for the first 6/8 weeks, more tired than they had been, but right from the beginning, I knew that all-day Kindergarten was good for them.

Part of me still regrets that we didn't have a half-day option. But part of me still regrets that we don't homeschool. And then there's the part that is perfectly OK with the end of winter vacation etc.

It's a big milestone. It will be harder on you than the girls.


hi lind,
what were the 48 things?

Laura K.

I had that debate with K, too, about whether or not to send her to full-day. We ended up choosing half-day, mainly because C's school that we were sending her to has not yet converted to full-day (and we LOVE her Kindergarten teacher!), and becuase she does enjoy the time she spends with her grandmothers on their respective afternoons. I understand what you mean, though, about the school slide and how it all goes fast once they hit Kindergarten.

In terms of you and C, you could also sign HER up for classes at the Y where she could play with other kids and get some of that play time she'll be missing with the girls at school. Our Rec. Ctr. had a 2's on the move class that was so much fun - they stretched and threw balls and crawled through tunnels. I'm sure the Y has something like that, and I found that all of those classes are smack dab in the middle of weekday mornings. Also, there's library story hour, and all those fun kid places like that awesome children's museum and botanical gardens you guys have. I think it'll be a fun time for you and C.

Kindergarten is definitely a harder adjustment for us than it is for them!

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