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January 26, 2009



Ahhh, I remember very well being worried our house would burn down. I can't even really remember what started it, but I would lay awake all night worried about it. My parents were not all that welcoming of kids in their room/bed so I kept it all to myself. Now my son is only 3, but he was in the hospital twice last year and both times when we got home he seemed scared and wanted to sleep with us. I let him when he needs to, but he usually prefers his own bed. If sleeping next to us makes him feel safe and comforted, I agree with you-it's a small price to pay. Contrary to what people tell me, I doubt he'll be sleeping next in between us when he's 16.


I remembered reading those lists when my son was going to kindergarten a few years ago, now I have to re-read them for my daughter who is going this coming fall. She can not be FIVE in a few months! Also the word kindergarten is from German, and kinder means children, so referring them as kinders, basically calling them children.


Um...are the checklists a joke? My DD is only 3 months older than your girls and she can do all that and then some. I mean, if she were doing *just* those basics for Kindergarten, I'd be concerned!

(And I only say this to you because I know from what you've written that your kids are just as bright as my DD!)


In German, Kinder is already the plural of child (Das Kind), so it's redundant, and incorrect, to add an S at the end. I guess if no one wants to use it correctly it doesn't matter.

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