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January 27, 2009



This is part of what I miss out on as a mom to boy. Does C actually keep the bows and barrettes in her hair?

Target is evil and wonderful at the same time. I usually don't get out of there spending less than $60.

Sounds like L and Claire's meeting is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. :-)


Ah Claires ... My daughter LOVES (with a white hot passion) Claires. Once, when she had some of her own $ to spend, we went to the mall. We went back and forth between Claires and Toys R Us, finally settling on the former. She ended up buying a set of three sequined hair scrunchies. (The decision-making process felt interminable.) Next day, she emergend for school with her hair in THREE ponytails (one on each side & one in the back) - of course, since it was a three-piece set!


I would not know about the toddler hair thing --yes it's cute, but my own toddler was still SO BALD. And has inherited my fussypants-ness about having anything in her hair now as a four-year-old. And yet, still, we have hair stuff in our house.

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