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January 19, 2009


Laura K.

Go with your gut. That's the best you can do in this case. You've done enough research to know about both schools before the tour days, you went to two different types of schools, and you have a strong feeling about one over the other. Go with it.


Not that you asked for opinions but I definitely like your description of school #1 better. It sounds like a great environment for your girls to be introduced to school. And call me crazy but I would be freaked out about my baby girls being at the same school as 8th graders! I know, silly, silly but wow, what an age difference.

I'm also working on gathering information on our school choices. My first choice is our local year round school which is lottery based so I'll find out in March whether my girls were accepted. The school we're zoned for is the same elementary school that I went to as a child which to me is kind of neat.

So how are you feeling about your girls starting school or as we say around here "big girl school!" As a mom who dropped her 6-month old twins off at daycare with nary a tear (I think I was just ready to go back to work where I knew I would be entitled to an hour for lunch and two 15-minute breaks, what luxury!) I am feeling very emotional about the girls starting school. I feel like I'm going to blink and they'll be asking me for the car keys!

Lisa O.

I prioritize racial diversity and close-enough-to-walk over practically everything. So, for me the choice would be obvious. As for the recess thing though (in case they do end up elsewhere) in both the schools my daughter has been to, anti-bullying and big-buddy / little-buddy is stressed so much that being on the playground with big kids is not just no big deal, it has actually been awesome. Her school now is small and they are all out there togethr and the relationships that develop between the grade 6 girls and the little ones is very sweet. Best of luck and keep in mind that you'll probably be happy / fine wherever they land and this stress will be a distant memory!


I almost cried reading this. I felt that same enormous amount of stress in picking a homeschool curriculum. I talked K's ear off. He kept reminding me it was just K. I stressed. People kept telling me probably any curriculum with good reviews would be fine. I worried....
I finally picked one, and THEN researched for hours, and stayed up until 430 making SURE I picked the right one for our kids.

As for YOUR choice of schools, I had to force myself to read the rest of what you wrote about school #2, because I was turned off already by the slick, corporate building, the one in which they are preparing KINDERGARTEN kids for college. They one in which the tour guide criticizes other schools to make theirs look good. Hasn't anyone learned yet that that just doesn't work? (Example: Recent political debate)


Linda, it's pretty apparent to me which choice feels right to you based on what you've written. I'm all for going with your gut. And I totally sympathize with how stressful these decisions can be.

(BTW, we are expecting our first any day now and I'm grateful for your discussions of diapering. We went with a combo like you.)


Smaller school, hands down. Bribe someone if you have to...only half joking.


Glad to hear that you've gotten a handle on your desires. Now I hope you win the lottery.

(I would prefer the smaller school, too.)

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