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January 22, 2009



that kick-boxing class sounds fun! I think I need to hit (or pretend to hit)someone. do you do a class every day now? I really need to carve out the time to do somethng. ANd my boys, ages 9 and 6 share a room with no problems. before we moved into this house (several years ago) all three of my kids slept in one room- they were then 6mos, 3 and 5 years old- we had a double bed, a single bed and a crib in one room.. crowded but it worked.

Lisa O.

I PROMISE you that everyone in that step class (even the ones who were doing crazy extra stuff like spinning around the step while everyone else was doing regular repeaters) has been the new one at some point. My old Y in Seattle did have a Step 101 class - but regular / experienced folks did the class too, which was probably intimidating to the newbies. But remember, it is the Y! Inclusive! Tolerant! If you can, find someone else in class to follow if you'd rather be near the back, sometimes it's good to be at the back and watch the people around you instead of the instructor.


Boxing sounds like it would be a lot of fun! I think Im drawn to it because it gives the impression of actually doing something rather than just moving around...if that makes sense?

We've used every bedroom combination possible, I think, and really you just have to play it by ear. What works now may not work in 6 months, ya know?


i cannot believe how much you have been exercising. I'm starting to feel guilty and slothish.
hey. good idea. your girls' bedroom already has two beds in it. If you get bunk beds, you wouldn't be losing any floor space and you could keep your giant bedroom!


What a bitchy thing to say! I think she was just amazed because step's been around for so long it seems like EVERYONE has taken it. I took one a bazillion years ago and hated it, I am so uncoordinated.So I liked your review of cardio kickboxing --I would love to take one of those! Get all your aggressions out at once!

It sounds like your Y just lets you take whatever classes you want without signing up -- and is it all included with the membership or do you pay separately? Our has some free classes, but you still have to register, and I don't want to committ to a class without trying it first.



Nice post. I learned so many things from this post. Really most of the women like to have a closet, There are so many benefits with the closets. We can find the more spaces in the homes/ offices.

Thank you

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