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January 12, 2009



Chocolate truffles AND German chocolate?

I really find your inability to share with me to be pathological.


Oh good, at least I'm not the only one who spent the weekend feeling annoyed! (and cat, seriously, stop getting your claws stuck in my pants while you paw at me).


The thing that jumped out at me about this post was the comment to your cat. Mine always want love as soon as the boy goes down for his nap and I have settled down with lunch in front of the computer. I get so annoyed with yet another mammal touching me I have to put them in another room for a little peace and quiet.

Also, my husband once forgot a poopy cloth diaper for a week. I made him open the bag and put it in the washer while I was in another room. No way was I coming near that thing.


Time for that afternoon cocktail! :-) Hope the rest of your day is less annoying.

And, I am so relieved to find out that other moms' cats do the same thing as mine! Ever since my R was born, the cat disappears until R's naptime or bedtime. Then he meows loudly and incessantly until I stretch out on the couch and let him on my lap. Pain in the butt. I've never felt such anger at one of God's furry creatures before.


OK I have no idea but this sounds like PMS to me ;)

bloating, annoyed, chocolate, cold, tired...

Have a glass of wine and hopefully tomorrow will be a better day


Well, if everyone else is going to vent then dammit, me too!

Just to commiserate on the diaper issue? My husband would regulary change my son's poopy diaper in the morning before leaving for daycare. This is great, right? It is if he didn't CONSTANTLY LEAVE SAID DIAPER ON TOP OF THE WASHING MACHINE TIED IN A KNOT AND FULL OF POO. GRRRRRR. One time I even made him sleep on the couch because of it :-)

I wish my damn neurotic cat would stop dragging my clothes down the stairs in her mouth and kneading them with her claws and leaving them full of holes. I JUST GOT THAT SHIRT FOR XMAS!!

Lastly, I'm annoyed because I wanted to pick up a much anticipated book on Friday and the library was closed when I got there.


I love to read other people's complaints about life, husbands, poopy diapers... make me feel like we are all in this together!

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