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November 21, 2008



yay for the end of puking!

totally unrelated: did you ever try the 30 day shred dvd that you mentioned? i just got it from netflix today and HOLY CRAP i'm feelin' it. after 20 min of that this morning i'm wondering what the heck i've been doing 'working out' every day if level one of this kicks my ass so hard. heh. last 9 lbs. of baby weight, here i come!


I hope the puking in your house stays at the end!!! I swear that's the worst!

Kate W.

Oh man- I SO hope you are right!!


We went through this last week with the older two boys, Lachlan didn't get it - yahoo!
Now, the pressure is on to get flu shots and my gut feeling is - NO! But the responsible side of me that bows to peer pressure is saying YOU HAVE TOO! Did you do flu shots for the kids? And would you still if they just recovered from the flu? Inquiring minds want to know...


Glad it's over (hope it really is!) I love thinking about a baby eating her weight in ham. Hilarious.


Hooray for the end of puking!!!!

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