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November 25, 2008



I'm glad everyone is feeling better. Happy Thanksgiving!

Jen LC

ah pie, the great equalizer...have a good one! :)


I am delurking to say that the "I think, deep down, I just want to look like an elf." comment was great. Made me spit my wine out a little! Been reading your blog since C was born (I had a baby girl around the same time) and I have enjoyed your writing, thanks!


Well, your daughter does look elven, so maybe you have some elf in you somewhere. Except that you'd have to be some kind of a mutant, what with you being a wee bit of a giant in the elf world and all. Maybe you're half elf, half giant. Ever thought of THAT?


TEN CLASSES??? Okay, she's a monster. With a good back and shoulders.

If i could support myself by teaching ten ZUMBA? classes a day, i would be content. More content than i already am, i mean.


This just made me laugh out loud! So true!!!

Glad everyone is feeling better!

Laura K.

I'm glad you guys are feeling better, and I hope you had a faboo bday and Thanksgiving.

Hey, does Zumba! have a lot of jumping, or is it relatively low-impact? My horrible, awful, no-good, very bad feet/ankles can't take the high impact stuff anymore. It sounds interesting. I need something more motivating than the bike and weight room!


I love Zumba and my instructor is so cooridanted - she can move her shoulders independently of her hips. I find that impossible. Ordinary aerobics seem very slow to me now. My venn diagram is "what I have in the fridge" and "what I know how to make" and they seldom overlap.

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