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November 24, 2008



Wow! What a sucky weekend! Looking after a sick child while you yourself are sick is the one part of parenting that non parents just cant imagine. Im glad you are feeling better


Oh dear. What a weekend. Not even a chance for parental tag-teaming. {shiver}

I'm glad the bug is vanquished at last.


Oh, goodness, I hope all is back to normal. What a nightmare!


That is horrendous. There is nothing worse than sick parents and sick children at the same time. Be gone for good, nasty virus!


So glad you are all on the mend. Everyone sick at once is a parenting nightmare I have thus far managed to avoid.


Goodness! You lived out one of my worst nightmares as a parent. But you survived!!! I'm hearing the theme from Rocky going through my head. Although I'm sure you don't feel like running up a bunch of steps and waving your arms triumphantly right now. Hope you guys are all healthy and back to normal today.

Kate W.

Your weekend is my worst nightmare. I am SO sorry...

Jen A

Good grief, what a nightmare! Man, I'm glad you're all feeling better. Do you have any idea what virus it was? Is it something you're seeing a lot at the hospital?


Oh, we have SO been there...I feel your pain! When the first one got it she threw up while sitting/half standing on the couch in Just the Right Position so it went all over both big bottom cushions and both big back cushions.... the whole couch!! Hope you're all better soon (for real this time!)


That sucks! I am so sorry that y'all were all so sick.. happened to my family once when I was in 6th grade.. and it was all flu.. so so horrible...

Get well soon! :)

Jen LC

dude, it's a good thing you get medals for going through this kind of combat.

oh wait.


Hey LInda, I just wanted to let you know that I gave you an award over on my blog :)


Oh wow. What misery. So sorry you all were felled at the same time. I always thought that nothing was worse than watching your baby sick with a stomach virus and then I learned that watching your baby ill while you're ill is indeed worse. Glad to hear you've all put it behind you!

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