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November 06, 2008



I tried Zumba! once, and I felt like a total dork. The teacher was 65 and dancing salsa circles around me! I'm one of those weirdos who can only enjoy the class if I feel like I know every step perfectly. Something I need to get over. Spinning I loved. It's in the dark, and all I did was sit and ride, and tried not to die, b/c I couldn't keep up with the class. But nobody cares. Everybody has to start somewhere. I am now pregnant and can barely keep food down when I'm standing still, much less when riding a bike, so I'm on hiatus for a while. You are inspiring though!


You are SO my hero right now. I finally lost 30 pounds of baby weight (and number 4 will be 2 in March) but mostly by cutting out crap food. I have about 15 pounds to go before I hit my ideal, but I'll never get there if I don't step up the exercise. I really need to check out my Y....but I'm terrified of joining another gym and then NEVER GOING....


Oh I've been dying to try ZUMBA! I happen to see the infomercial for the videos one night and I was immediately intrigued. I LOVE dancing, and I am actually pretty good at it being Hispanic and all. I also danced flamenco (Spanish dance with the castinets)for two years, so I don't think I'll be too lost. I actually miss dancing very much so I think that Zumba is right up my alley. Before I got pregnant I was doing T-Tapp and getting pretty bored so I think Zumba is going to be my work out of choice after I have the baby.

I am glad you enjoyed it.


I'm absolutely DYING to join the Y near us. I'm waiting until Asher is old enough to enjoy some of the activities there, otherwise it would just be me going - my husband has zero interest in it. Until then, I will run and walk in the neighborhood, and purchase some strength training DVDs. Well, as soon as I get this BABY OUT OF ME.

I would say the thing that keeps me motivated is just seeing myself get better. There are always goals you can set! Like in your powerflex class, you can increase your weight, and in your yoga class, you can get to the point where you don't have to do a ton of pose substitutions. With running, I like training for a 10 mile run or a half-marathon. It gives me a goal and something to work towards, and I feel less bored with the concept of running in a giant circle every day.

I think you're doing great!


I love Zumba! I was totally the same as you the first class (two left feet is understating my problem), but by the second class, I was starting to remember the steps, and now after about 8-10 classes, I'm keeping up well! It's such a great cardio workout!


I love your enthusiasm! It makes me want to run out and join the Y. I finally started exercising regularly after baby #2 and love it. Now, when I miss it, I *MISS* it. No tips on preventing boredom since I do the same darn thing every time, but I definitely wish I could work in exercising somewhere like the Y -- it sounds so fun and empowering.

Rock on, Linda. (And enjoy that muscle definition!)


I think I've told you this in comments before, but ... I HEART THE Y! And to me, the beauty of a class is that you only have to be motivated to show up and then the rest just happens, know what I mean? Versus getting on the bike or the eliptical where you have to stay motivated to go 5 more minutes or whatever. There was a dance aerobics class at my Y in Seattle that was absolutely the most fun I ever had exercising ... and it was an ass kicker! I got a heart rate monitor for Christmas a couple years ago (per my request) and learned that I could burn up to 1000 calories in that class. And we regulars loved having new people in class, even when we crashed into them because we turned to grapevine and they didn't ;-) That is the thing about the Y, universally it is a great community. I've moved to Australia and joined the Y here and am getting into my pattern of classes and I can tell you that the Y is the Y - there and downunder here, too. Plus the great kids' programs (my daughter went to Y camp last summer) ... it rocks. Goon on ya! (Practising my aussie-isms.)


Does Zumba have to be ZUMBA!?

But i LOVE IT SO MUCH. Working out is of indifferent interest to me -- Powerflex is obviously more about strength and muscle tone, and those things are good.

But ZUMBA! -- i smile just thinking about it. ZUMBA! and blueberries, the two inanimate loves of my life.

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