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September 17, 2008



Really? He'll be worried if she's not talking by 18 months? Geez. I'm always all, "La di da di da" about things, and then find out later that i SHOULD have been worried all along. Zane didn't say a word until after his second birthday. And i wasn't remotely concerned. I'm a moron.

Also, i would have been giddy for a week if my pediatrician said that he likes us. Happy!

Keri Gray

Thanks for commenting on continuing to BF through the sick season. That's helpful info for us too. I've been pumping 75% of the time to give my preemie girl (to be one year old on the 24th) fortified breastmilk, and nursing overnights. I don't enjoy pumping and I am trying to go until her one year adjusted birthday (Nov 14) and this gives me a little extra reason to try for it.
Thanks! Keri


I completely understand the giddiness. It's like the doctor slapped a 'GOOD MOM' sticker on your shirt. Validation, ah yes.


dude, validation from the ped? i would totally do a dance and be entirely too giddy for words...i might get a high-pitched SQUEEEE out and that would be it. i don't know why i want their approval but i link it up to being an overachiever. not that you are, that's just me. :)

OH and thank you for validating nursing through the cold & flu season. someone i respect recently said that there was no nutritional value to nursing now (deven is 15 mos) because the antibodies are already there. i don't know if it's just me but, i'm not ready to wean completely (we're down to first thing in the morning and at bedtime) and it feels weird to try and force it based on some imagined timetable.

blah blah me blah blah - all that to say thanks for a timely post. :)


Heh, I love that kind of validation too. "We're nice! Yay!".

I found your comments on the speaking interesting - we have twin boys after an older (very very very verbal girl) and they understand so much ("Angus, take your sleepy teddy and put it in your bed, please" - bingo) but are at the one-word stage. They're nearly 22 months. I'm not concerned, exactly, but I am really looking forward to having conversations with them.

I am particularly pleased that their words do not seem to include "no" as yet.

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