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May 07, 2008



I totally identify with having just C to entertain...when Rebecca is at preschool and the twins are napping I find myself trying to figure out what to do with Isaac (when he's not napping) because he usually has "built-in" entertainment!

Laura K.

I just saw a newscast about the CFLs on the news here the other week. They were saying how miniscule the amount of mercury is in it compared to the amount in the old-fashioned thermometers. I can't remember what they said, but it was a low, low amt.

They suggested (you've already cleaned up, obviously) using gloves and tape to pick up all the pieces that you can, and then a damp cloth, and then cleaning the area. They said it is NOT a good idea to vacuum it up because that disperses the particles into the air (I assume sweeping might, to some extent). So there you go, some info. for next time. I think I need to write that somewhere in my house so a well-meaning mother or mother-in-law doesn't incorrectly clean up a broken light bulb.

Hey, I think I went typo-free this time! Must be because I'm still at my school desk. :)

Abacaxi Mamao

I love reading your kids' conversations. They're awesome. I wish (only sometimes, like when I read these posts) that blogs had existed when I was a kid and still had cute things to say.

Anne Glamore

The hard questions never stop. Yesterday at the ballpark Porter yelled across the bleachers, "Mom! Can you tell me about the KKK?"

That was the same day he wanted to know what virgins were and I said they were young ladies.


eye-on :-). that is so funny!


hahahahahahaha! how did you EVER figure out the ion/eye on question? That would have driven me nuts.


I just bought the 10 book deal before I could even finish reading your post. The only one I have is the Pirate Book, and that would be an easy and fun one to gift. I am so happy! I was JUST (today) looking through our kids' bookshelf, and thinking, "I don't feel like reading ANY of these books AGAIN! We need new ones!" And then....this awesome deal. Who can beat $2/book PLUS CDs. Woohooo! Great, now I am going to have to get our car cd player fixed. Our kids were "banking" about a year and a half ago, and stuck change in the cd slot. The cd player hasn't worked since. Way to make me spend money. On books. And on CD players! Thanks for the book tip!

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