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April 14, 2008



You know, I've heard that fact about stomache fat so many times and it completely freaks me out. I have PCOS, which means I tend to gain weight easily and it's all around my middle. It also seems to mean that it's hard to loose, too. I've just come to a point where I'm eating healthy foods and putting some exercise time into my week (even if it's just walking around the mall with the kids) and hoping it's going to be enough. Like you, when the kids get a little bigger I'm going to look into joining a gym.

Last year, we splurged and bought an eliptical glider. It sits in our basement most of the time, but it's great to have in the winter when you haven't left the house for a week. I hop on and spend a half an hour going at a somewhat easy pace. Think it will be enough to let me live to see eighty?

Today Wendy

For what its worth, my grandmother is overweight (not enormous, but definitely barrel-shaped) and we just celebrated her 90th birthday. She says that eating is one of the few real pleasures she's got left. Not that I'm trying to dissuade you from the exercise! I keep trying to get going with T-Tapp but I'm having so much trouble figuring when to fit it in. I feel so much better when I am getting a bit of exercise though.


You know I'll support any decision you make about hair dye. Color is fun!

So, Sweeney Todd... I've been debating about whether this one goes on my Netflix queue or not. I don't like musicals ("hate" might be a better word, honestly) but I love love LOVE both Johnny Depp and Alan Rickman, so I'm torn. I mean, I love Johnny enough I sat through every disgusting minute of "The Libertine." If I could handle that, I can deal with a musical, right?


We used to go to a nursing home periodically (one of those things where the children do little dances to entertain the conscious residents), and there were tons of overweight old people. In fact, I'd say the thin ones were in the minority. Scrawny people don't have much in reserve if they get sick!

Laura K.

Yep, I've got to get rid of the gut. We just bought a membership to our community fitness center, which is cool because they have this awesome play area and my friend and I go and take turns watching the kids while the other runs the indoor track or does machines. They have a babysitting area, too, but I'm cheap. I imagine I'll use it someday, though. They also have drop-in yoga. I'm quite excited about it. Although right now I can't exercise due to my endo. ablation, so I'm kind of chomping at the bit to get back. I feel better when I exercise, even if I don't necesarilly look better.

E cracks me up! We still have ocassional conversations like that here. Particularly lately, becuase K has a yeast dermatitis infection, and the dr. recommended that she sleep sans bottoms until it clears up completely (it's almost gone, thankfully!). I just tuck the sheets in tight around her and hope for the best (and make her wash her hands immediately each morning!).

Glad you're feeling better about the hair. You might like the bangs more in a few weeks. And really, if the long bangs/dirty glove thing is only an issue at work, you can always clip it back then, too.

Laura K.

OMG...can't spell worth crap tonight. Lo siento!


No offense to Swistle, because she's so cool, but maybe she doesn't see non-overweight older people in the nursing home because they don't NEED to be in a Nursing Home? Maybe they (the thin ones) were still in their own homes able to take care of themselves?

I know overweight people can live long lives, but many of them have mobility problems. I want to be as energetic and in-shape for as long as possible. Working out is good stuff, Maynard!


Okay, now I'm torn between cheering on your get-healthy agenda (YAY! GO YOU!) and being really irritated at all the books you're reading to motivate you.

Because the correlation between weight and longevity is tricky (studies on both sides) and the causation stuff is even trickier. Not to mention, one of the reasons why you might not see as many overweight octogenarians is because folks in their eighties, having lost most of their taste buds and often some percentage of their sense of smell, tend as a group, in general, to eat like birds.

The question might need to be, how many octogenarians were overweight at 40 -- and damn if you could tell just by LOOKING at them. (You really do have to imagine me rolling my eyes at the idjit who wrote that book.)

Anyhow, I'm exercising more and eating better (mostly) and I'm trying not to get too depressed that it's not actually affecting my weight that much, or even my waist measurement. My energy level is higher, my mood is better, my skin is clearer, and all my blood-work numbers are in the zone. It's all good.

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