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April 28, 2008



I'm always amazed at how much your girls remind me of mine. I've got one who like things somewhat "scattered" and the other who if she seems a partially open door or drawer as she's walking through the house must close it immediately. That trait most assuredly did not come from her mother as neatness is not my forte. Since they will share a room I have visions of a tape line down the middle once they hit their teens.

Congrats on the great reports, it sounds like they're having a great preschool experience. I laughed at your comment about your "non-picky" eaters. It must be something to do with the peer pressure. I was talking to the director at my girls' school at how S was fairly picky at home and often just ate fruit and yogurt (I refuse to make multiple meals so that's my fall back if they don't eat what I make) and she laughingly informed me that S often has two plates of lunch. What?!? So I'm thinking it's the peer pressure and hopefully not just my cooking. :)


I love hearing about your girls - I think they sound delightful, and I would like you to give me parenting lessons.


I think it is hilarious E wears the bride dress all the time.... isn't it funny how they have minds of their own (knowing how you detest bride dress-up stuff)?? It just made me smile.

Great reports.... I still feel that way (I'm the PARENT???) even though my oldest is 10.


That last paragraph made me spit out my drink, and then I called my husband in to read it to him and he laughed too...I totally could've written that about my kids.

Glad to hear that they are loving preschool so much!


It's really cool to read about their different personalities, and the bed pictures made me laugh. I was L when I was little! (At least in the bed/neatness/rules aspect.) How wonderful that you've got such kind girls who have good self-images and can stand up for themselves. It'll be so interesting to see C's personality develop!


"My bed is not obeying me!" Sooooooooo cute!!!!!

Congrats on such awesome reports! You're doing a great job and your girls are obviously thriving and so happy!

Thanks for sharing all of this. My daughter is 4 as well and it never ocurred to me to notice if she's alternating feet going downstairs.

What wonderful and sweet girls! :-)


Too cute! Glad they are having such fun in preschool. Wanted to say that the gross motor skill delay (I'm told) is VERY common for twins. The last trimester where a singleton basically just grows and moves around and develops muscle tone, twins just don't get to do that. Couple that with prematurity and you have some wimpy and graceless babies. You wouldn't think those few weeks in the womb would matter so much, but I guess they do. Anyway, my guys also have gross motor delay and I've been told that with some extra attention to it, they will totally be able to catch up in a few years.

Oh, and your post above about the coats? I totally get that. I do that all the time. Its like, I'll be holding little kid socks and be all, "I can't believe I'm folding MY CHILDREN'S SOCKS!!! weep, weep" It is the infertility mental residue I guess. Or else I'm just a total dork.


Those bed pictures crack me up! It's neat to see such different personalities side by side.

Bekah was hollering about red bell peppers in the chowder last night. She had three bites of corn...then it was the granola on the apple crisp...ah well.


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