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April 30, 2008



We too had pacifiers lost in the night. I never used the net, but I did sew a pacifier to a little pillow that couldn't fit between the bars, and then when it was time to pitch the binky, he still had the pillow to cuddle.


My right ear sticks out more than the left too, so don't feel bad. (There is a piece of cartilage or something that holds the left one back, and which is visible on the left but not normally visible on the right. I can push my ear back, and the little cartilage thingie becomes visible and there's a little "pop," but it pops back and doesn't hold when I let go....) Anyway, doesn't stop me from wearing my hair in a ponytail.....and I never noticed until I was a grown-up, not even during years of wearing hair in a bun for ballet class.


Oh my gosh! I have totally done that with ALL THREE KIDS! What? Why are you crabby? Why have you been crabby for days? Stop being crabby!!! What? You want this cracker? What? You're starving to death? Oh.

I forget that eventually nursing alone won't actually fill them up.

Today Wendy

The mesh sounds like a pretty good idea. Mine would just stand up in her crib and throw her pacifiers out when she got grumpy though. If I was in the room she would try to hit me with them...which was cute, but a bit frustrating!


Oh my gosh, the pictures of the beds cracked me up. My Molly's bed looks a lot like the first one, and she, too, sleeps buried under a pile of stuffed animals every night.

And? That picture L drew is AMAZING for her age. Seriously. You should be one proud mama. :0)


With our youngest daughter we came up with the nuk purse. C might be a bit young for it, but at some point ours ended up with a D*ra purse that she would sleep with. We would give her one nuk for her mouth and the rest (usually 2-3) in the purse. During the night through the monitor we could hear her wrestling through the purse to find another nuk. Cut back on trips over tremendously.


"This proved untrue"---HA HA HA HA HA!


If you add peanut butter to that dessert, then you don't have to feel bad because it's a good source of protein! ;-)


We have the breathable bumpers...LOVE them. We had to take them off my first son's crib when he was 5mos bc he enjoyed tearing them off EVERYTIME. My youngest son is 9 mos & still hasn't tried to tear them off. It keeps binkies in place!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!
Good luck!


LOL! I love L's rationale for covering her ears!

That dessert sounds amazing! Going to the store now to get ingredients. Yum!


Great, now I'm hungry. :)


They make their own beds?? Everyday?? Oh, man. I've gone so wrong somewhere along the way.


Have the mesh bumpers and LOVE them! I highly recommend them.

Laura K.

Two things:

The ears - that cracks me up that A said that! I don't think your ears look weird, so there. :) I remember K's ped. telling me that she had a big head, then asking me if big heads ran in the family. I said, "U, I'm not sure," so she measured my head and declaired, "Yes, your head is big!" Uh, thanks?

The pacis - OMG! M woke up a million times a night (only a slight exaggeration) during his first 18 mos. in search of the paci. His were often in the crib still and he just couldn't find them, so I don't know if the breathable bumper would help or not. I once found one stuck TO THE WALL. Funniest thing ever. One of my friends had her husband drill holes in a small rubbermaid container and she strapped that to the crib and threw some pacis in there. I don't know if it's really that safe, but it doesn't seem especially unsafe.

E and L crack me up. I LOVE the things that they say at this age!

Laura K.

PS - maybe someday I'll write a comment to you free of typos, yes? Eek!

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