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April 29, 2008




And your grape hyacinth BLOOMED. I am jealous of the baby, the tiny baby coat, AND the beautiful blue flowers.

But in a good way. :-)

Kate W.

You are lucky AND you are also wonderful parents! I love the "report cards" for the girls in the previous post. Simple pleasures- thanks for making me think of mine!


I love these. My devotional today was about God's little surprises. You've got three! :-)


Aw...warm and fuzzy. Love the bathtime pic. I'm doing the same thing with my little dude...I never thought we'd have kids at all and the other day while he was napping, I was doing his laundry (of all things) and while folding all those little pants and shirts all of a sudden it hit me- dude- I have a kid!


Me too. I look at Will and think "This is amazing--we were not even supposed to have one, and we do and she's wonderful, and then I actually got pregnant again, easily, and had an easy pregnancy, and now a beautiful little boy." I just still can't believe he's here and we're so blessed. I even do a decent job remembering this when he nurses every two hours during the night :-). The little clothes do me in too--I smile sometimes folding all these teensy little T-shirts and slightly less teensy girl clothes.

I also feel the same way as you at parent-teacher conferences. It's like "Really? Me?" It's such a grownup feeling (which sounds weird as I have been doing grownup things like being married and owning a home for the better part of a decade and working a "real" job for like 14 years, but still).

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