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April 04, 2008



Well, okay. What I'd do, then, is pretend that I knew #4 for a fact. Every morning I would wipe a little tear as I imagined her rushing home to her [husband? mother? sister? who would be most pitiful?], who has been left alone and helpless for several minutes during the drop-off. I'd then even feel as if _I_ contributed to this person's care, by gallantly allowing the line-cutting as my share of the care we take of each other in this species.


I have to admit that #4 was my first thought. (And the only reason I'm saying that is because it's so rare for me not to be cynical in a situation like this! God is truly working miracles here.) I agree, though - it doesn't seem worth troubling the teachers about.

And, I had to laugh about the bane of your existence (phone call) - I'm the same way! :-)


Phones are the bane of my existence, too.


or #5--she has some great connections for getting the school donations.

(maybe that was just the preschool my kids went to!) ;)

I'm with you on not saying anything...there will ALWAYS be the parents that don't follow the rules. My kids are now old enough to ride the bus so I don't have to see the rule breakers anymore. It's great.


I'm with you on the not complaining thing. While I am easily annoyed by others not following the rules, I also just as annoyed by those who are constantly complaining.

Laura K.

Ugh. Irritating to say the least! But you're right, you don't know her situation,a nd in the end all any of us can really do is control our reactions to the things that annoy us.

But yeah, I'd be snarling...at least on the inside.


Aaah complain - I have to preface everything at my daycare ... 'really, not complaining', because I am not. I love my daycare.

My eldest's kindie teacher emailed the parents a few months back, apologizing that some of the kiddos had received the same reader twice in the rotation. Goodness, mom & dad, does it really matter if your 4 or 5 year old re-reads the same 10 page reader?

Some people just don't have much else to do but complain about the 'schedule'.

I would be pissy about the line-butter though.

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