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April 01, 2008



I am so glad to hear that three isn't as bad as I was afraid it might be. We're anticipating an addition to our family in the late fall and I've been trying to stave off any dread I"ve been feeling. I've been so worried. I"m glad to hear that it might not be as overwhelming as I was concerned that it might be.


I definately agree with the more kids, the less work. I remember when Parker was 12-20 months - how LONG some days could be just entertaining him by myself all the time. It is so much nicer to plunk Lachlan in the middle of the toy room and everyone plays together.

The one on one time is tricky, I suppose even more so with twins whose schedules are the exact same.
I was just watching "Jon and K*ate plus Eight" where they were doing individual outings with each child. After one such outing she asked the child what was the best part. The child replied 'holding mama's hand and daddy's hand at the same time while they were walking'. Just to simply have both parents attention simultaneously. It's the little things...

Anne Glamore

You're right on about Wants vs Needs. It gets to be even harder as they get older and it's not just time they want-- it's stuff. I say no PLENTY just so they learn to hear (and accept) no without freaking out.

Individual time is hardest with one of my twins, who's the quietest of the 3. We solved it by letting him read in the bed with me at night as he's my biggest reader. He's so quiet, though, I have to make a point of finding him!


I love your point about Needs versus Wants. And Paul and I both feel the strain of trying to get one-on-one time with each kid. We grab minutes and hope they add up.


Great things about perfectionism, letting go of, etc. I have definitely noticed (er, when I'm not all panicked about what a horrible job I'm doing) that having two has made me less of a perfectionist, better able to delegate and let some things be a mess.

And I really, really appreciate what you said about fearing older kids will resent being asked to change their behavior to accommodate baby's needs. That goes through my head ALL the time, and I think it's so right: We are not here to raise people who believe they are the center of the universe; we are here to make family members and community members. Perhaps I will stick that on my fridge.


OK, that nails it. Twin & then a singleton is DEFINITELY preferable to singleton then twins. Y'know, if one has the option to plan these things, lol!

liz s

Red sounds stunning with the beach. Don't think about it being patriotic and go with the original idea.

We had a meeting yesterday and patient satisfaction was discussed. One of the managers said that she heard a report on NPR about how each generation since 1960 has gotten more narcassistic (ignore my spelling). I guess some university did a huge study. So good for you for teaching the girls they are special, but that so are other people. Thats a hard one to learn.


Seriously glad to read this today. My third is still gestating, and I already fear the worst when s/he arrives. The twins will be around 21 months old, working on their second molars, and potty training...ack!

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