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April 21, 2008



Ohh i hear you! I felt the same way when we lived in Colorado.. and it was only about 3 months of nice non-freezing weather. It's the other way here down under and... i don't miss the snow, but i miss the cooler weather...

Ohhh post summer/spring pics of the girls! They are so adorable, but i think time seems to go faster with kids, they grow up QUICK!

Today Wendy

Oh how I love living in a condo, all my plants are in pots and so there is no yardwork. Except that I'd love to have a garden...but probably only if it came with a gardener. The thought of a few cherry tomatoes & some basil is really nice though. Are E & L old enough yet to be interested in planting things and watching them grow? I can't remember how old I was when we brought home green beans in little pots and I was totally fascinated that they came up all on their own.

I got a lecture from the husband yesterday about how sand needs to be emptied from shoes when tiny people return from the park. Elli spent her time there filling a bucket with sand...and then pouring it down her front. The things that we don't do anymore because we've learned how irritating it is to clean up afterwards...honestly, we're missing out here.


I believe you can keep many tulips in the ground. Dig them up now, divide them, and replant them in the fall.

(There are better instructions at


I hear you on the pressure of yardwork. This appears to be the year that our careful system of denial and neglect catch up to us.


your description of C's mobility and subsequent pissyness sounds v v familiar. deven is doing the same "scooting backwards until she gets stuck" thing. it's pretty entertaining and she loves moving off that play mat and onto the floor. in fact, until she can't move anymore, she's having a blast.

related baby cuteness: she got herself into a sitting position all by herself over the weekend and the absolute surprise and then joy on her face was SO worth it. i'm gushing, i know but, i could see that she knew she accomplished something and was so happy about it. good times. :)

Jen H.

And then there's the constant sunscreen application, the hat battles, and the bugs. We seem to have a bad wasp infestation this spring. Fabulous.

My son (#2) is fully mobile and thank god we have a fully fenced backyard. But still, he has managed so far to get sticks, leaves, dirt, sand and a nugget of cat poop into his mouth in the past two weeks. Also, I'm still trying to figure out how to dress him for crawling around outside. Shorts = scraped and dirty knees, but Pants = hot baby and ruined pants. What to do???

The "very distinguished" line is from Little Bear, if I'm not mistaken. I think the episode was called Hat Parade. My son says it too. Pretty cute.


Maybe this will help.....I just fed my 3 and 4 year olds Spaghettios and a Lunchables for dinner. And a yogurt drink. Not a veggie in sight.



Maybe this will help.....I just fed my 3 and 4 year olds Spaghettios and a Lunchables for dinner. And a yogurt drink. Not a veggie in sight.



I rarely comment here, but I had to speak up and say that the "Very distinguished" remark totally cracked me up. Your kids are adorable!

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