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April 10, 2008



Oh, Linda, I'm so sorry. Nothing sucks more than getting a haircut that you're not happy with. I'm no hair expert but I think part of the problem is that the style you see on MK is on someone with straight, fine hair. I think you need to find a style you like that the stylist believes will work for your hair type which has some natural wave. And you know what I heard works really well to help your hair grow? Chocolate, lots and lots of chocolate.

Btw, love the pic of you and C looking at each other, she is just too cute! Also that pic of you and E, wow, she has changed so much.


Your hair looks very nice to me, both days. I sympathize with your frustration and disappointment though. I think my hair is similar to yours, and I fight with my bangs swept to the side that poke in behind my glasses. I'm no expert, but maybe just using a little more hair product would help? Some mousse to help keep the bangs over to the side where you want, then blow them dry. Maybe some leave-in conditioner spray to smooth down the long layers? (Do you use that stuff for combing your girls' hair after the bath? I use my kids' l'Oreal detangling squirt bottle.) My stylist recently suggested to try squirting hair spray on my hair brush and then brushing the bangs back and off to the side where I want them to stay. I'm still trying that one to get it right.
Good luck!


Aw. Sad. I'm sure it's not as bad as that rock picture. :)

But it sucks to have a bad haircut. Is it long enough to put in a ponytail or something and have it feel acceptable?


I feel your pain. My hair is at a stage of growing out where it only looks good if I flat iron it. And yeah, I've got time to be doing that. It's forced me to actually wake up earlier in the morning - ick.


I am sure you don't want another step, but I really think a flat iron would help. I have thick, wavy, frizzy hair too. The right product and a flat iron can do wonders. If you are interested, you can e-mail me and I might be brave enough to show you before/after pics. Really, it's the best money I ever spent!


It's all in the right product. I have hated my hair for the last month, and it suddenly occured to me I switched mousse about a month ago. I went back to Suave (I know, the cheap stuff) and I love it again. So experiment a little! I don't think you are that far from what you want.


I second the flat iron suggestion. I have the same hair as you, and the same annoyances (either short bangs or no bangs - can't STAND it in my eyes). You can still let it dry on it's own and then smooth it out some (must.avoid.JBJ hair). It helps anyhow, and isn't as tough to use as I worried it would be...


OH! But, but Bon Jovi was really HOT in the 80s. Okay, I can see though that you don't really want that look for yourself. Hope you find something that works.


The Chi flat iron = my best friend. I think your hair looks nice personally, but you don't want to hear that. I had 100 people tell me they like my new hair cut, but who gives a flip cause I HATED it! Anyway, at least you have the ponytail option. I went with the Posh do, so my ponytail is about a millimeter long and quite ridiculous.


I'm sorry you hate it, but I still think you look beautiful. Like the beautiful Rock Star Mom that you are!


It's too bad that you hate it, because you do look good in those pictures with C.

Although, erm, I think you looked good in the pre-cut picture, too.


I had a haircut where I cried for 5 hours, but probably being pmsy didn't help either. I feel the pain, but like everyone else is saying.. i think it looks nice... I like the one where you are looking off camera... the bangs are cute, but if they get in your eyes, you can use a clip (I think they're called butterfly clips) and it keeps that errant strand outta the eye.

Good luck with the next haircut!

Anne Glamore

I think you have to give it a week of playing with it and then you'll love it. You just have to figure out how to keep the bang out of your face. Sometimes I tuck the longest piece under with a bobby pin, making it v. tight and pulling it all the way across, and it looks cute, although it sounds heinous.

Also, get that John Frieda anti frizz stuff so it gets a little slippery and it will rock! You'll be just like Mary-Kate, without the partying and granny clothes!


Don't you wish we could have the hair we had as little kids? When you could wash it twice a week and let it air dry with no product or styling aids and it looked so darn good?? Sigh. I try to remind my 5th grade daughter of this. At this very momnet she is futzing with her gorgeous hair getting ready for school. I would KILL for her hair and she just doesn't get it. Just let it be, I want to say... you have your whole life to hate your hair. Enjoy it now!

I like your hair. I realize you probably don't, but I wish I had think hair like yours. Mine is so very thin and curls like crazy and not in the cute way like Joss Stone. I was trying to grow out my hair long- but bit the bullet and got it cut short and I love it!!! Hang in there- maybe in a few days you'll like your hair... if not you an always go back and have her re-do it... or become freinds with the pony tail. My fall back was always the clip... I would do a sloppy twist and clip it up. Easy.

liz s

I just got mine cut too. Bangs for the first time in 3-4 years. The lady I went to was really have a hey day with curly hair so she cut layers that will be great with the curl. Its not what I wanted. I want the Olsen girl thing too. I wanted to use a flat iron and go straight. I think that once it gets a bit longer I will like it and can get it straight. My sister says I just need an iron that isn't the blue light special at KMart.


Maybe you could go back and get some help with it? It sucks to hate your hair. Flat iron is my best friend, and I ostensibly have straight hair!


I'll admit to being pretty embarrassed to have gone to a salon with a picture of Posh... and she's a few months older than I am, so it wasn't so much an age-inappropriateness question, just more that the photos I brought in were from Go Fug Yourself.

I agree with the other commenters who say to try a different product. It seems like every cut requires its own specific product (see also: my bathroom shelves). I suspect that your hair looks better than you think it does... but then again, I'm also obsessing over a chunk of my own hair that's crying out for the sweet release of scissors, and everyone else is saying that my hair looks good. CAN'T THEY SEE THE CHUNK? No. So likely no one has paid much attention to your cowlick, either. They're too busy looking at your gorgeous eyes and adorable baby.


I never dry it in the sumemr either, it is too hot. I have to iron my hair if I want it to look even remotely normal.

Sigh, if only my hair stylist could blow out my hair every day for me.

Just Me

I have very, very curly hair. I've been growing out bangs for over 2 years. My bangs, of course, are the least well-behaved part of my hair, so this is rather frustrating. It's not like anyone but me knows that the part of my hair sticking straight up is bang. I wind up cutting them back in frustrating every so often, but after a trim today they are below my cheekbone when stretched.

My stylist told me to keep bobby pins around and stick one under the bangs just enough to hold them back. She said to do this as they grow; I've been doing it off and on forever now. It works really, really well and keeps me from having glove in hair syndrome, which is truly gross. (have you ever noticed the first thing that happens when you have body fluids on you is that you either have a hair in the eye or your nose itches?)


So sorry you hate your hair. Been there. Done that. BUT, I DID almost snort wine out of my nose when I clicked on the link and saw Bon Jovi. Yr so funny!

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