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April 17, 2008



Try this blog. She uses her crock pot everyday and makes lots of different recipes.

Have you tried The Gap for V-neck Ts. A little expensive, but they do have tall sizes. Sometimes they are on sale, or maybe you have an Outlet near you?


Anne Glamore

Have you done the thing where you cut zuch into little slivers and let it drain on a napkin while you brown some sliced almonds in a little olive oil? Then add the zuch and toss til warm, add salt and pepper (and a little parmesan if feeling fancy) then GOBBLE up before the rest of the family knows you've made it.

Hey, my son turned his parakeet into an Olympic torch! Fun never ceases here.

I still like the bangs.

Today Wendy

I've done the cookbook from library thing as a way to prevent the purchase of yet another cookbook I won't use. It is perfect for me because there is usually only 1 recipe I'll want to try from any given cookbook thanks to the whole no chicken, no pork, no fermented dairy thing we've got going on. My all-time fav cookbook is Mollie Katzen's Vegetable Heaven - except that I take lots of shortcuts instead of following all her instructions because otherwise you have to start cooking dinner at noon.

Lentils are legumes. They've generally got more protein in them than grains. I love them because they're the quickest cooking of all the legumes - and you don't have to soak them. (Red ones cook quicker than green or brown ones, but go all mushy...which can be awesome in a soup but not as great otherwise).


I love these http://www.oldnavy.com/browse/product.do?cid=7525&pid=472806&scid=472806052
but I am not blessed with "ample bosom" so I'm not sure how they'll work for you on that front...they are long enough in the torso though.

Will be watching for crock pot goodness...I love mine, but have very few recipes I like for it (and most seem to be "winter food" like chili, etc...).


Oh, and I'm digging your hair, even if you aren't (love your glasses too)...


Thanks for the recipe ideas. I just got some good long shirts at Nordstrom Rack.


Have you tried Eddie Bauer v-neck T-shirts? They work so well for me that I have one for every day of the week!


shot in the dark (sorta) but old navy has awesome ribbed tank tops that cover my very ample still-working bosom and are extra long. they're in the maternity section but *totally* don't look maternity. like there's no ballooning or weird high seam or anything.

maybe they have similarly cut tees? oh wait - maybe that was a link to some up there.

in case those don't work, check out maternity tees. in general, they fit my boobage way better and don't ride up like other tees.


Hey, I didn't know you hated mushrooms. Mushrooms are foul and disgusting, are they not? Will have to check out the book and the crockpot links!


OMG, your girls are getting so grown up! And so cute!


PAM I LOVE THAT CROCKPOT SITE! It's just that I hate being in the kitchen all the time.. and that's what I feel like I'm doing...

Will have to check out the Parenthacks site!


Borrowing a cookbook from the library....what a great idea! And no, you're not stupid because then ummm...I would be too:)
Love the new pics...your girls are so beautiful!


I tried the BBQ pork recipe that someone posted on that ParentHacks entry, and it was awesome. Only 3 ingredients (pork roast, BBQ sauce, can of Coke) - easy! We ate pulled pork sandwiches for 3 days. Even my picky two-year-olds liked it.

Laura K.

I had no idea that those little Target bags are so big when unfolded! Cool!

Sarah in Ottawa

Thanks for the link to the crockpot recipes!

As for t-shirts, hmm. Take this with a hearty dose of skepticism because a) I am Canadian so only hit US outlet stores 2 or 3 times a year and b)I am a busty girl (I have to shop in specialty stores for my G-cups) but I have a short torso. I only wear V-necks, and I have done well at the Gap and/or at J. Crew. They cover the boobs but they are long enough so that they don't show off the undies.


I'm liking the bangs. They look infinitely better than mine ever did.

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