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March 20, 2008


Jen A

Thanks for the review! I always enjoy hearing about people's experiences with cutting back, Compacting, etc. My biggest weakness is buying things for my DD and baby-on-the-way. It's so much easier to justify things for them than for myself.


can A come over to my house and split our spending into columns and such? thanks. our problem is that we're both spenders with no one to curb the hemorrhage of money flowing straight into target...

Mommy Someday

I'm a tall pregnant person due in July! I would love to see pictures of your maternity clothes!


I've found your reports motivating when I'm out: I think to myself, "Am I buying this because we need this, or even because we want this, or only because I want to BUY it?" Just like you, I enjoy the purchasing experience. I can't explain it, I Just Do.

Yesterday I did really well at Target, but partly because there was almost nothing on tempting clearances.


Hey wait: Bought dishes? Doesn't Lent last until Sunday?

Just kidding, really. I admire your taking on this change.


Love the report on your Lent non-spending. I need to do something like this to get a better grasp on our finances.

but the dishes - sigh... I love those. (some people love shoes, others love dishes... and I hear some people love both. I love dishes. If I had a zillion dollars, I'd go crazy and own a set for every month... (exaggerating!)


Yea! While I was not at all able to do what you did, the voice in my head questioning purchases has been louder. We have made a serious list about what will get purchased with our tax refund- 5 new car seats yea! In our house I do the bills (J forgets and I'm anal about it) but then I have to move funds around because of the impulse buying I do.
Yesterday I was at Once Upon a Child for Easter clothes and came away with only one dress for E I could not live without (it had the original store tags!)

Emmie (Better Make It A Double)

Good for you - very inspiring. I went to Target today and just bought wipes and tampons. I refused a bag and the security guy stopped me to ask for a receipt. For a split second, I thought that perhaps it's not allowed to just buy wipes and tampons. One little game I allow myself these days: peek in other people's cart and get a look at all the unnecessary junk in there. I don't know why, but I'm kind of enjoying that these days. Also - for me, a helpful mantra upon going into Target has been: "there is no need in this store that didn't exist before I walked in the door. -Kind of similar to what you were saying. Good luck.Changing habits is difficult but most worth it.


Heehee...when you were talking about putting away your winter glasses and wanting to buy new summery ones, it took me a minute to realize that you meant glasses you drink out of, not glasses you wear on your face.

I don't wear glasses. I don't know what kind of weird things you glasses-wearing people do. Maybe you have "glasses wardrobes," after all.


Love the idea about whatever you sell generates fair-game money. Brilliant!

I quit my full-time job when I had my son in Oct of 2006 and I am pleased to say that we finally got our budget/spending under control in the last few months. I have had to sign up for some freelance work to do it, but we are now credit card debt free and have more than $5k in the bank. It feels awesome, and it turns out that for me, saving up that money is more addictive than spending it. I never thought that would happen!

P.S. Was the cute sundress at Target? Was it that little turquoise number? I'm dying to get one.


You inspired me to try doing this for the month of March. My DH and I make decent money, and our budget is relatively generous, and STILL we go over every month. I hate that we are such avid consumers, which is in conflict with my values around the preserving the environment and getting pleasure from non-materials things. So...we've made some huge strides this month but still have a long way to go. I haven't bought a single magazine or book or diet coke (decided to take a break from my 3 biggest offenders). And I walked into Target the other day to buy diapers and that' ALL I BOUGHT. That has never happened in my 6+ years as a mom. However, I can't stop thinking about those cute beach towels with pirates and shark and penguin on them, and the fact that we're going to a water park this weekend, and my kids just have regular old beach towel and surely depriving them of their very-own designed-for-kids beach towel is abuse? LOL. Anyway, thank for the inspiration! Billie


Go you! That's awesome. Can I just say that feeling you exaggerated about is one I do have every time S starts to balance the checkbook (even though we are nowhere near financial ruin, either)? The pit of my stomach always starts to churn like the early days of our marriage when we tried to keep $10 in our checking account after paying bills.

The biggest pitfall the last two months has been eating out. Food just rarely sounded good and shopping for it/cooking it was beyond my pg-induced gag reflex. I can't believe how much we spent and cringe when I think of what we could have done with the money (I probably could have supplied #4 with the fanciest AIO cloth diapers for a full 2 years...geesh).

You have inspired me to give this a shot in April. I already started this week with a menu and specific grocery list and am rather proud that I have cooked actual meals for 4 nights in a row (stop laughing). Target is thine enemy, too, but always stuff for the kids (my justification). As if they need more stuff!

Okay, sorry for the novel and all the parentheses (sp??). I would love to see your maternity wear, too, but unless you are 200lbs it won't do me any good...bah.


If 5'7" is "tall," then I'm interested in your maternity clothes. Due mid September.

Laura K.

I'm glad your sacrifice paid off financially as well as with insight into your own habits. It's hard to really be honest with ourselves sometimes. Good for you!

We do NOT do well with creatiing budgets. It's on my to-do list and will most likely be a conversation we don't get to until school's out. There's always enought o cover bills, don't get me wrong, but then the big things come up and we find outselves worrying more than we really should need to worry. And yeah, I can totally relate to you on the impulsive spending. The list is a good idea...we may employ that here!

I am SO bitter about the freakin' snow we have right now! I seem to remember ther being snow last year after Easter, too...like when I was driving back from the butterfly garden! I believe I then swore that I would not be here during spring Break this year, but now I am (all that impulsive spending left me no $ for a trip to somewhere warm, apparentlY!).

Hope you guys have a GREAT Easter!

PS - I have a TON of winter 5t shirts/sweaters that I just cleared out of K's room this week (and 4t pants). Do you think the girls will be wearing that size this Fall/Winter? I could put them aside in case I see you sometime before then. We hav e afriend who takes our 4t shirts, but her child is a peanut (she's 3.5 and wears 2t/3t stuff) and it'll be over a year before she can wear the rest of it.

Laura K.

OMG - I'm the queen of typos...must not post while drinking beer anymore! :)

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