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March 19, 2008



We are only semi-committed cloth diapers around here with kid #2 (I'm glad you are finding it so easy and simple, but for me using about half disposables on this baby has cut my stress level waaay down. Mostly due to leaks and more frequent changes that we seem to get into with the cloth).

BUT! I am a super-committed disposable wipe user. In three years of diapering, we've only ever used disposable wipes for travel. When #1 was born I bought a few yards of cheap, on-sale flannel and cut it into wipe-sized squares. The first few washings they were a mess of frayed edges and thread, but that all worked itself out and we're still using the same stack of flannel squares over and over and over. We use a spray bottle of water (stored on top of the heat vent in winter to keep it toasty) to get them wet when needed. Assuages my guilt a little for all the disposable diapers I'm throwing away...


I was able to send Huggies Supreme wipes through the wash with my cloth diapers. Of course, then you're picking fuzzy wipes out of the clean diapers, but sometimes it can be a time saver.


me too, sarah - i even wonder sometimes if i could reuse those washed disposable wipes. i haven't tried, mostly because i'd hate for them to disintegrate just as i was wiping poo.

i'm considering switching to cloth wipes too. we use cloth diapers now but i still hate spending money on the wipes. plus, i wonder if a warm cloth wouldn't feel better than an alcohol-ish paper. i don't know...


A side note on one piece outfits: when I had my twins, I begged for one piece outfits. Two piece outfits are just waaaaay too much laundry and keeping track of this shirt and those pants -- no way. I almost died when my MIL showed up with multiple 5 piece outfits for my little girl (onesie, skirt, special shirt, cardigan, tights), and she's still pissed that I didn't keep that outfit forever. hell no, it went to goodwill ASAP for some mom who REALLY loves her kid and will keep track of it, lol!


I did the cloth wipes (baby washcloths, wet with water with a tiny dab of baby wash mixed in, kept in a wipes warmer) and found it pretty easy, because everything just went into the diaper pail. The hardest part was folding the washcloths in half to stack into the warmer, and that isn't exactly difficult.

But, um, is it gross that now, several years post-potty-training, I still have all those oft-washed, oft-bleached baby washcloths and often use them to wash off my makeup? It doesn't bother me, clearly, but I suspect that many people would be horrified to think of me scrubbing off mascara with a piece of cloth that once scrubbed my boy's messy butt. And here I am, admitting it to the world. I am gross, World!


i don't think you're gross, summer - my first thought was, "eh, oxyclean washes everything out." :)


I have nothing to say on cloth diapers. But I want to eat C up in that picture of her passed out on the carpet in red overalls - it hurts my ovaries to look.

Jen A

I'm jealous of people who can make prefolds work. I tried and tried, but apparently I'm not smart enough for anything harder than fitteds, LOL. It reminds me of swaddling DD when she was a baby. DH could turn a receiving blanket into a straight jacket, but I couldn't successfully swaddle without one of those velcro-tab swaddle pockets.

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