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March 17, 2008



hey there,

i'm a little ahead of you (just by 3 months) but we're already firmly (ha) in the land of solid poop. we've been trying out rice paper liners (reusable a few times and flushable too) but the jury is still out.

yes, it makes it easier to lift out poop but on the other hand, you still have to keep buying them. i think i'll be cutting up some receiving blankets (yes! i have a ton!) this week and seeing if that's any easier.

i'm with you on the no-swishing thing. i don't think it's necessary - OH and for any stains (should you ever have that problem again) we swear by oxyclean. they have a special baby kind but i think that's a racket - we just get the regular kind and throw it in with the tide.

thanks for bringing up the baby-wrestling thing too. i'm wondering if we'll want to move onto a one-piece diaper once she's a little more twisty. she's already impatient when it comes to the snaps on the mother-ease diapers and covers we're using now. then again, i reeeeally like the diapers (and they're paid for) so we'll see. maybe i'll just invest in some leather restraints...

thanks for the update - it's always good to read about other cloth-diaper experiences. :)

Amy F

Sounds good to me. I only swish diapers when they're completely hideous and won't shake off and I don't want all that yuck in the pail for 4 or 5 days (Leo pees in the potty a lot but only poops in diapers, so we go up to 5 or 6 days between loads now). Probably once a week I swish. He's usually pretty obvious that he's pooping, so as long as I change him right away, it isn't squished into the diaper.


Cool. Reading this makes me kinda regret I never tried cloth diapering. At the time I thought it would be too daunting while working and going to school and dealing with daycare. I had an all-or-nothing mindset, though. It never occurred to me to do a cloth part-time. That said, I'm NOT putting my potty-trained almost-4-year-old back in diapers just to have the experience. That's what nieces and nephews are for.


The best prices I had found for Snappis are at this ebay store

I don't do more than the prefolds and nylon pants (not wraps) but I do use the minishower attached to the toilet. Mine reaches to the shower so I can rinse the shower/tub and the dog since we don't have a removable shower head.

I don't think I could add a fleece liner or rice paper liner to my routine now. I'm blessed that the sitter does not mind the cloth diapers so I don't mind spraying or dumping the poop.

We are using disposable for J2 at night. His ammonia concentration in so bag that he was getting his skin burned.

Very excited about the wetbags. I'll have to check those out.


I love your C posts because my son was born 9/15. We too have been cloth diapering since birth (ok, one week, we didn't come home for six days). I have WAY too much stuff, too, and thanks to my tiny European washer (I'm in Israel) we wash every day. I have 12 prefolds, 10 Thirsties covers (communication breakdown with my mom, who said she WASN'T going to buy me covers for Christmas), 5 BumGenius all-in-ones, 2 Happy Heiny pockets, and 3 BumGenius one-size pockets. In the last two weeks, all the pockets have been leaking, so we've gone back to prefolds at night. I have guilt over how saturated they get but it doesn't seem to bother him and so far we haven't had a diaper rash flare-up.

So, my questions for you are: are you going to keep cd'ing over the summer? I'm slightly worried they'll be too hot. Also, are you as annoyed as I am about the bulk? My son is wearing 9 month clothes, not only because he's enormous but because the diapers are so huge.


Thanks for this! It was very timely because we just found out we're adopting in July and I had started thinking about getting ready. My husband was trying to tell me that cloth diapering will be more expensive, so reading this post is encouraging. Did you try the flannel wipe thing? If so, how was that?


Your post could not have been more timely! I am due in June w/#4 and have been having these intense feelings that I should CD even though I have never even considered it before. I haven't even mentioned it to DH yet because he'll think I've gone off my rocker!

My main concern is that I am a bit too lazy about laundry as it is and I'm afraid I won't keep on top of things and have to run to the store for disposables anyway.

I should really just email you because all the different choices just boggle my "pg brain" strained mind....ugh.

Jen H.

Oh dear, diaper talk. Prepare for me to get carried away.

I did a mix of cloth and disposables with my first son, and used 'sposies at night and when travelling, etc. I found them to be too temptingly easy to have around, so I swore with my second son (who turns 8 months this week) that it would be all cloth, all the time. I've stuck with that so far, and am even considering taking cloth with me on a three-day road trip next week so that I don't have to buy a package of disposables.

I use a mix of various fitteds and covers, and usually prefolds at night since I find them to be the most absorbant. However, after reading so many glowing reviews, I just bought one Happy Heiny pocket for nighttime, since he was so wet in the mornings. I stuff that thing so much, it hasn't leaked yet and it keeps his skin dry. Problem is, now I want more. So I might be interested in buying your HHs. Are they gender-neutral colours?

Apparently the HH prints are meant only for daytime use, as they will wick moisture. The solids are better for nighttime, as the cover is more waterproof. So I will only buy solid colours if I buy more. Just a thought, if yours are prints.

What else? Oh yeah. We're onto solid foods now and thankfully my guy saves up his poops and only has a big one every few days. They are revolting, but thankfully infrequent. I have paper liners but never use them. I bought a bit of fleece to cut up but haven't yet. I did have to swish a couple poopy diapers in the toilet, only because I didn't want to risk making the whole laundry load smell like that horrific substance, so thought it necessary to get rid of as much as possible.

OK, I'll stop now. Sorry for the novel.

Jen H.

Oops, one last thing. Stains used to bother me, but then I read someone's philosophy and try to remember it. Which is basically this:

They're diapers. They're meant to catch poop. Who cares if they're stained??

So true, for me at least.

Rayne of Terror

I did like the HH for after crawling. So easy to get on! My son is now 3 and we still occassionally use them for overnights. So I have used our size L HH w/ hemp inserts for over two years on the same child. (we were part time cloth users) There is a difference between the patterned and solid color HH as far as overnight pee holding ability.

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