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October 15, 2007



She (E) admitted? Wow! Poor L, hope it heals quick :)


Well, our latest shiner involved a sister taking her brother's new baseball bat, and her brother attempting to get it away AS SHE SWUNG IT. Which is, to put it mildly, scary as all get-out.

I'm glad yours was just a book, and I hope it heals fast!


My kids are always Honest abotu stuff like that too. I am sure that will change soon.

Kiss that boo boo!


Wow! Intellectual rough-housing! Very impressive indeed. Let's hope she hits the books as effectively in school. :)


I think it is a testament to your excellent parenting that they dealt with it themselves and you only learned about it after the fact.


Those hurt. I got one once when co-sleeping with Connor (then 18 mos). He sat up and then fell straight back down. The back of his head met my cheek bone and eye. Ouch! Besides her shiner, L has a beautiful blue eye!


That looks like it hurt! Probably the first of a few that they give each other over the course of childhood, I imagine... Fortunately, it shouldn't affect how much they love each other :).


Oh dear. My three-year-old has done that to my two-year-old twice. Wait'll you see the looks you'll get in public! Oy. I am so sorry, I hope she heals super-quick!!

Laura K.

Is it okay that I'm laughing at it? Not at L's misfortune, but the whole incident and the happiness with which E announced that she hit her. Your girls are hoots!


I love how honest they are at this age. Poor L! She's just as beautiful as always, though. It is pretty amazing that you didn't need to intervene! And, E cracks me up, too. What with this and her costume choice. :-)


You gotta admire E's honesty! What were the consequences?


It's nice that they're still young enough to be honest about it, although the remorse is a little lacking. :) Poor L.


ouch poor L that looks like it hurts!


is it really bad that made me laugh?
Poor L, though, seriously, and good for E for admitting it.

also, can i get a password for your pic blog? I've been reading for a long time, i promise...

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