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October 16, 2007



first of all, C looks adorable in that picture!
secondly, your last paragraph made me laugh out loud. i could say that every day in my house!

Jen A

My DD's 11 am tumbling class was cancelled, and we're now stuck in a 9 am class. That is way too early for us, especially since it's a 40 minute drive, and I only look halfway acceptable if I remembered to take a shower the night before, yet all the other mothers look perfectly coiffed as you described. I feel like I've stepped into an alternate universe. However, I never feel that way at Story Hour at the library, so I wonder if certain sports/activities or certain schools attract different demographics?

And *definitely* get the locks changed. (Although I shouldn't really talk because we never changed the locks after buying our house. I have images of the previous owner wandering over just to see if her keys still work. Should put that on the to-do list...)


I am laughing out loud at the last part of this post! We too are going through the spelling phase (yes, dog starts with the letter D!) and seriously, my four year old wants to be the "line leader" everywhere we go. Which in our house includes going from the bedroom to the kitchen, which is about 8 steps! If she's going to be the "line leader" she needs to move along! Also I am right there with you when it comes to not wanting to cook and entertain.

We got the Leap Frog Word Whammer for our refrigerator and it has helped distract the little ones while we cook.



I loved the last paragraph!! I'm glad to know that I'm not the only mom that feels frustrated with the little people...not all the time- just sometimes. You crack me up.


You're SuperMom! I aspire to be as super as you one day....


Delurking after a couple of years of reading your blog to say, I love it. I love your every day observations and venting about motherhood. They can be worse than cats!

I think locks that need a key to open from the inside are banned in our province for that very reason.


People who exercise when they're stressed can use some of that extra energy to bring us more cookies, as far as I'm concerned.

I hope tomorrow is a better day.


OH MY GOD, so you're telling me the hanging-on-legs thing doesn't go away? I thought it was a early toddler thing. But it isn't? I AM DOOOOOMED.


Do we have the same front door? And the same little people in front of us on the steps? I have no idea what to tell you about the

As for the door, our solution is to leave it unlocked 99% of the time when we are in the house. We have a deactivated alarm system that came with house, and so whenever anyone opens a door it beeps at us. For the most part we feel safe enough in our very low crime neighborhood just keeping the door unlocked and trusting that we would hear a beep if someone tried to get in. But occasionally I am home alone with the kids while my husband travels and feel unsafe so I lock the door and don't leave a key in it. Invariably I forget that I did this in the morning and think that the door is broken. I am ashamed to say I never even thought about the consequences if there were a fire! Your post has made me want to mention bringing up changing the locks again when D gets home tonight, but our house is very old and so is the lock in question. Last time we discussed it, D was very resistent to the idea of removing the lock and possibly damaging the door.


Sooooo funny, and soooo true!!

Amy F

All three of our doors to the outside have those key-required deadbolts. We too are leaving keys in them until we get around to having them changed.

At least you were wearing clean underwear :)


Yup, that last paragraph had me rolling - that is SO us (our son is almost 4, daughter is almost 3). And C is gorgeous, I LOVE that new pic!

((hugs)) ...hang in there, and thanks for posting even when you're exhausted with coffee breath.


You have no idea how many times I scream "GET OUTTA MY ASS!!!" to the little people in my life.


I had the same lock issue, too, and I'm still not sure what the proper solution is. I chose burglary (key in lock) over a firey death, but it took some thought.

And I am glad that other people suffer from the children magneted onto them problem, too. They lean on me, they dangle from my limbs, they plant themselves beneath my feet on the stairs... I know I will miss it one day, but I feel as "touched out" now at the end of the day than I did when I was nursing.

I am still in awe that you are getting that much sleep anyway. And really, too many showers are bad for the skin, right?


urgghggh! i miss you guys! my kids sound so normal after i read your posts. they are the annoying, attention-seeking crazies i thought they were....
well, they still are, i guess...
but at least yours are too.

do they really try to SWING from your arm?! :)


they AREN'T the annoying.....


Awwww... i only have one and can manage to barely keep it together. I can't imagine your world ;)

C is so adorable, how do you not implode from all that cuteness in the house.

I am also always just in shock at how put together some moms look when they are at the kid's gym class or music class. I mean with makeup and no jeans, and it looks like they *gasp* exercise.

Hang in there!


I do wear heels. Not every day, but rarely does a week go by without me shoving my feet into pointy-toed boots or wedges or some other sort of inappropriate footwear. 90% of the time, when I walk my son into school, I'm wearing makeup and perfume, my clothes match (and are clean), the undyed roots of my hair are less than a quarter-inch long, and I'm carrying a cool purse. I do eat cookies, but I exercise enough to keep me slender and flat-stomached. I sleep 7 or 8 hours a night, sometimes more. But when I walk into the school in the morning, I find myself jealous of the moms who are sweatshirted and in need of heavy-duty undereye concealer, because they are there not just with their bright-eyed little preschooler or kindergartener, but they've also got adorable new babies tucked into slings or strollers. I've got what they want -- the plucked eyebrows, the size 2 jeans -- and they've got what I want but can't have -- little brothers and sisters. A lot of my vanity is balm for my pain. If I can't have a baby, at least I can have funky shoes and lip gloss.

You've been on both sides, you know what it's like. I don't want to make you feel bad; I know that you appreciate just how richly you've been blessed. But blessings are always much easier to appreciate when you're well rested, aren't they?


Sorry about that--I'll try to follow from a further distance in the future.

And, also? Milk starts with "m".

I have a three year old, too. I feel your pain.


We bought a house 6 months ago with a door lock like that. I thought the inspector was going to have an aneurysm when he saw it. He spent 20 minutes explaining to us that it was extremely dangerous and illegal to have a lock like that in the house.

And do you know what's crazy? My kids are 10 and 8 and I kind of MISS having them follow me around. I don't miss the middle of the night stuff though. I hope you get to sleep through the night soon.


It's about all I can do to get us to our 9:30 Mommy & Me class, and I always feel better on days like today when, even though we were late, one other mom was in sweats, and another looked like she'd just stepped out of the shower. It was so nice - and so rare - to feel like an average, not-pulled-together mom.

But I'm going to try to remember Summer's point.


Hooting here. Oh, it's so true.


When I see the gorgeous pulled together moms, I just tell myself it's probably the one day a week they manage to get it together--the rest they are probably a slob like me. Of course I actually never SEE any of these women in sweats, so....I know I am good for like one or two decent days a week, usually when I have meetings.
Although I am fllat-out envious of anyoe who can wear heels. Something about that first pregnancy ruined my ability to do so forever, at least for any length of time. I wear them, then complain horribly within a hour. My husband loves this, as you can imagine :-).

Laura K.

Love that little baby face!

I, too, am cracking up at that last paragraph. We are out of that phase with K but just entering it with M. Good, good times.


We keep a key on a fine chain attached to a hook, invisible to anyone outside trying to break in, within 2 feet of the lock. It is on a chain so you can't accidentally take it anywhere on the day ypou cannot find your set of keys. Then we keep a key in the lock during the day, and when locking up for the night we pull that out and stash it it the nearby console table. Works great.

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